Burlap Napkin

Burlap Napkin
Various Locations
Phone: 580-302-0421

The Burlap Napkin brings its signature blend of gourmet sandwiches to Oklahomans across the state. Although based out of Thomas, this local food truck roams to nearby cities, delivering Bullseye Breakfast Sandwiches, grilled PB&Js and Trailer Dip & Crackers to hungry customers. Pepper jelly ham and grilled cheese, blackberry bacon grilled cheese and dill pickle bacon grilled cheese sandwiches round out the gourmet section of the menu, best enjoyed with a cup of citrus sweet tea. For the finishing touches, be sure to bite into a red velvet, lemon or chocolate whoopie pie.

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Dining Type: Casual Dining
Meals Served: Lunch
Check social media for current truck locations & hours.
Food truck located throughout Thomas. Follow social media accounts to find out where truck parks throughout the week.
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