Shawnee Painted Horses

Various locations
Shawnee, OK 74801

Shawnee Painted Horses

Various locations
Shawnee, OK 74801

More than three dozen beautiful horses stand proudly throughout Shawnee, hand-painted by local artists; they each share a unique story. The horses were installed in celebration of Oklahoma's centennial year in 2007, and the project has expanded ever since. Guests may stop by the Visit Shawnee office at 231 North Bell Avenue or go to the Visit Shawnee website for a location map.

100 Year Horse by Sheryl Cozad: 4840 N Kickapoo

American Classic by Linda Dixon: 4625 N Kickapoo

Angels Watch Over Us by Barbara Hertz: 421 N Beard

Big Blue by Amanda, Kathie, Bethany & Delaney Spitz: 4501 N Kickapoo

Centennial Celebration by Sheryl Cozad: 16 W 9th

Evening Star by St. Gregory’s University Community: 4849 N Kickapoo

Freedom Isn’t Free by Kathie Spitz: 811 E MacArthur

Hippokampus by Unknown: 3610 N Union Avenue

Historia by Rod Hopper: Shawnee Expo Center (inside)

Hole in One by Jana Childers: 4439 N Harrison

Horse on Fire by Amanda, Kathie, Bethany & Delaney Spitz: 935 N Kickapoo

Horse Power by Patrick Ignore: 3200 N Harrison

Indian Blanket by Linda Dixon: 1700 N Kickapoo

Legacy of 1869 by Tony Tiger: 201 N Harrison

Lovestruck by Amanda, Kathie, Bethany & Delaney Spitz: 2800 N Bryan

Mola by Julie Blackstone: 4836 N Kickapoo

Neshnabe Nekdosha by Unknown: 130 E MacArthur

Oklahoma Scissortail by Unknown: 1939 N Harrison

Old Dick by Clifford Lehmann: 614 E Main Street

Old Ironside by Julie Marks Blackstone: 4392 N Union Avenue

Path to Recovery by Valerie Conway: 1102 W MacArthur

Pioneers in Public Service (Silver Storm) by Valerie Conway: 1300 N Jennedy

Regal by Unknown: 4200 N Harrison

Sammy by Kathie Spitz: 2323 N Harrison

Sea Horse by Janie Brainerd: 1010 E MacArthur

Story Dancer by Julie Marks Blackstone: 101 N Philadelphia Avenue

Surprise Finish by Kate Vandergrift Pierson: 3815 N Harrison

Synergy by Stacey D Miller: 4415 N Bryan

The Run by Barbara Hertz: 45th & Kickapoo

To The Stars by Amanda, Kathie, Bethany & Delaney Spitz: 4500 N Harrison

Tooled Leather by Doug Hunt & the Spitz Family: 3309 N Kickapoo

War Horse by Jerry Haney: 11 E MacArthur



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