National Softball Hall of Fame & Museum

2801 NE 50th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73111
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National Softball Hall of Fame & Museum

2801 NE 50th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73111

Softball is one of the most popular team sports. Find out why by visiting the ASA National Softball Hall of Fame and Museum. This unique and fascinating museum was established in 1957. Once USA Softball moved to Oklahoma City in 1966 from Newark, NJ, the decision to establish a Hall of Fame Building in Oklahoma City was made. Groundbreaking ceremonies for the Hall of Fame were held December 19, 1970 in Oklahoma City. 

The first of two additions to the National Softball Hall of Fame/USA Softball Headquarters was started July 5, 1976 and completed July 13, 1977 for an additional 4,350 square feet of space. Counting the National Softball Hall of Fame/USA Softball Headquarters and the ASA Hall of Fame Complex, there is 28,406 square feet of space. A second expansion was added July of 1980 for an additional 5,182 square feet of space, with total footage 18,140 square feet of space. 

The National Softball Hall of Fame and Museum has 394 members with two categories of membership: players and non-players. Within the player category, there are five categories: Men's/Women's Fast Pitch, Men's/Women's Slow Pitch and Modified Pitch. Within the non-player category, there are five different divisions one can be nominated in: Commissioner, Meritorious Service, Umpire, Managers and Sponsors. Annual inductions are held at the USA Softball Annual Meeting.

The player membership includes 210 players in the following divisions : men's fast pitch (97); women's fast pitch (63); men's slow pitch (35); women's slow pitch (12); and modified pitch (3). 

The Hall of Fame has 184 members in non-playing categories including commissioner (40); umpire (48), meritorious service (48), managers (31) and sponsors (17). 

Admission to the museum is free, but donations are encouraged. 




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