Prairie House

550 48th Ave NE
Norman, OK 73026

Prairie House

550 48th Ave NE
Norman, OK 73026

Visit the iconic Prairie House in Norman to firsthand admire Herb Greene's experimental architecture techniques brought to life. Under the study of notable architect and University of Oklahoma professor Bruce Goff, Greene was challenged to think outside of the box in terms of modern design. This influence shaped his architectural philosophy and the start of his career, which later became known as counter-culture design. Greene eventually returned to OU as a professor and developed the American School of Architecture, where he taught students to push architecture's known boundaries.

Greene used these methodologies to construct his family's house on the prairie in 1961. The Prairie House integrates natural materials, natural lighting and unique design placements to represent Oklahoma's landscape – wind sweeping over the plains. The outer portion of this iconic two-story structure shows a resemblance to a prairie chicken. Take a tour on the third Saturday of each month to view 2,100-sq-ft of floor-to-ceiling windows, winding iron-rod stairs and wood-sheathed walls with surprise doors, cabinets and drawers hiding in its midst. Climb the last set of stairs to stand on the roof 25-ft above ground and peer out on the property that was once considered the prairie. 



Adults: $25
Students & Educatiors (Valid ID): $10
Child (Ages 13-18): $10
Child (Ages 12 & under): Free

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the pricing listed above, prices are subject to change without notice.



Tours: 2pm / Third Saturday of every month.
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