Honey Springs Battlefield

423159 E 1030 Rd
Checotah, OK 74426

Honey Springs Battlefield

423159 E 1030 Rd
Checotah, OK 74426

The Battle of Honey Springs is the largest military clash ever to have occurred in Oklahoma and thanks to a multi-million dollar plan to preserve the Honey Springs Battlefield Historic Site, visitors to the site of the battle can learn all about this unique piece of Civil War history. 

The fight that took place on the Honey Springs Battlefield was the largest of 107 documented hostile encounters of the Civil War that occurred in Indian Territory. Additionally, it was one of the few if not the only battle that involved African American, American Indian, Hispanic and Anglo American soldiers. Records show it was the heroics of the African American regiment known as the First Kansas Colored that won the victory for the Union.

The Battle of Honey Springs took place July 17, 1863. About 150 years later, the historical site has been well maintained and preserved and now boasts six walking trails with 55 interpretive signs. Walking trails lead visitors through the Union line of battle, the Texas regiments line, the site of the battle at the bridge and finally Honey Springs. Walkers through the area learn not just about the battle but also about the impact American Indians had on the Civil War. Although the trails tell the story well, viewing one of the regularly scheduled re-enactments at the site is the best way to learn about the battle.





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