Kialegee Tribal Town

Kialegee Tribal Town
100 Kialegee Dr
Phone: 405-452-3262

Culturally Kialegee Tribal Town is part of the Muscogee people but politically they constitute separate legal entities. Muscogee people were mound-builders and sun-worshippers and the Kialegee shared these traits, and were one of about 50 towns of the Muscogee (Creek) Confederacy, with homelands in what are now the states of Alabama and Georgia. After a series of treaties with the U.S. and increasing pressure to leave their homelands, 166 Kialegee families trekked to Indian Territory in the 1830s.

After removal, members of Kialegee Town lived south of present day Henryetta, but with the allotment of individual lands after 1899, many citizens could be found farther west near Wetumka, where the present administration building and tribal court building are located. Assimilation and allotment took its toll on the tribal town's culture and over the years led to a transfer of land ownership from Indians to whites. When offered separate federal recognition in 1936, the Kialegee accepted along with two of the other Creek towns, Thlopthlocco and Alabama-Quassarte. Today members of the Kialegee Town celebrate an annual Kialegge Nettv Day in recognition of their history and heritage and the elders of the town strive to instill the language, culture and traditions in younger generations.

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