Lendonwood Gardens

1308 W 13th St (Har-Ber Road)
Grove, OK 74344

Lendonwood Gardens

1308 W 13th St (Har-Ber Road)
Grove, OK 74344

Eight acres of lush green gardens packed with brilliant blooms await you at the Lendonwood Gardens in Grove. Shady pathways meander through more than 1,200 different types of plants, including an amazing collection of rhododendrons, many varieties of daylilies and several varieties of dogwoods.

The spring season brings in bright bursts of color with crocuses, daffodils, azaleas, dogwoods, flowering cherry, rhododendron and peonies. Summertime plants here are no less vibrant with a dazzling array of daylilies, hostas, annuals, zinnias and impatiens. Fall ushers in beautiful fall foliage, while wintertime is magical with the sharp smell of evergreen trees in the air and, occasionally, a blanket of snow.

Visit eight distinct areas, including the display garden, oriental garden, Japanese pavilion, English terrace garden, American backyard garden and the azalea garden. Visitors will find several major collections of plants, including one of the largest collections of false cypress (Chamaecyparis) trees in the United States, totaling more than 80 varieties. Similar to red cedar, the evergreen false cypress is native to Japan, Taiwan, Canada and the U.S. Lendonwood has one of the largest collections of rhododendrons in the region, totaling about 250 varieties, adding drama and color in April and May.

Guided and group tours are available with advance notice.




Adults: $5
Students: $3
Members & children 12 or under: Free

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Open year-round during daylight hours.
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