Lendonwood Gardens

1308 W 13th St (Har-Ber Road)
Grove, OK 74344
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Lendonwood Gardens

1308 W 13th St (Har-Ber Road)
Grove, OK 74344

Eight acres of lush green gardens packed with brilliant blooms await you at the Lendonwood Gardens in Grove. Take a leisurely walk through paths shaded by towering oak trees or visit the Japanese Pavilion, located in the central part of the main garden, for an overlooking view of the koi pond and surrounding gardens. Other highlights of the botanical gardens include bonsai, Japanese maple, hosta, dogwood and one of the largest chamaecyparis trees (false cypress) and rhododendron collections in the Midwest.

Six distinct garden areas include the display garden, oriental garden, Japanese pavilion, English terrace garden, American backyard garden and the azalea garden. The display garden is located near Lendonwood Garden's entrance and features eye-catching colors. This is also the location of over 75 varieties of Japanese maple trees. The oriental garden features plants that thrive in the shade like hostas and over 25 kinds of dogwoods. A 150-foot stream also winds through the area.

The English terrace garden features plants that are popular in England such as rhododendrons, a weeping katsura tree and a magnolia tree complete with giant, glossy leaves and white, fragrant blooms. The American backyard garden is filled with knockout roses, marigolds, zinnias and daylilies. There is also a charming white gazebo located in the center of the garden, which is a popular spot for photos. See a full acre of blooming red, white, pink, lavender, yellow and orange azaleas, then take a walk around the area during the spring when the plants are most fragrant.

The Angel of Hope statue on Lendonwood's west side is intended to bring comfort to those who have lost loved ones, especially children. Surrounded by tall trees, this peaceful spot is calming and secluded. During spring, the area comes alive with bursts of color from rhododendrons and azaleas. Each year on December 6, a remembrance ceremony is held at the statue complete with flickering candles and flowers.

No matter the time of year, there is always something to see at Lendonwood Gardens. The spring brings in bright bursts of color with crocuses, daffodils, azaleas, dogwoods, flowering cherry, rhododendron and peonies. Summertime plants are no less vibrant with a dazzling array of daylilies, hostas, annuals, zinnias and impatiens. Fall ushers in one of the things that Oklahoma, especially, is known for: fall foliage. Wintertime at Lendonwood Gardens is also magical with the sharp smell of evergreen trees in the air and, occasionally, a blanket of snow.

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Students: $3
Members & children 12 or under: Free

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Open year-round during daylight hours.
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