Myriad Botanical Gardens & Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory

301 W Reno
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Myriad Botanical Gardens & Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory

301 W Reno
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
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A lush paradise within an urban landscape, the Myriad Botanical Gardens & Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory is a premier destination in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City. This award-winning, 15-acre area features an impressive, community-oriented outdoor space that is a hub of activity.  

Take a walk through the gardens to watch the serene stream and calming waterfalls flow, sit on a bench and listen to the sounds of the city or admire the unique plants and flowers dotting the landscape. Your four-legged friends are welcome in the Myriad Botanical Gardens Dog Park, where dogs will enjoy a jaunt around the park leash-free. 

The Crystal Bridge Conservatory in Myriad Botanical Gardens recently reopened following a complete renovation of its interior spaces. Explore three levels with educational exhibits, diverse plant collections, art installations, interactive spaces, a reflecting pool, a two-level waterfall, a new gift shop and more.  

Along the main pathway, the “Cloud Portal” sculpture designed by Scott Murase divides the north and south ends of the conservatory. Visitors can walk through the installation to look for thoughtfully framed views of the waterfall at the south end and a reflecting pool at the north end.

Make your way to the second-level lookout to watch the waterfall from above, visit rotating exhibits at the Oculus Gallery and admire fascinating bromeliad plant species. On the third level, the Sensory Skywalk invites visitors to look over the conservatory and experience a symphony of sounds, tastes and smells. Children will love learning about the connection between plants, animals and insects that support the rainforest ecosystem at the interactive Discovery Room.  

During warmer months, the interactive Thunder Fountain cools off young visitors as it replicates the cycle of a thunderstorm, complete with heavy downpours followed by water-flower blossoms. The fountain operates from 10am-8pm daily from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. Kids can also climb, jump and play in the Children's Garden, featuring a colorful playground with grassy mounds, oversize letters and metal structures.  

Sunday night concerts and art exhibits lend a well-rounded cultural flare to the Gardens' programming. In the winter, Myriad becomes part of Downtown in December with an ice skating rink and a variety of seasonal programs. 

Guided tours of Myriad Botanical Gardens are available with advance notice. 





The Crystal Bridge Conservatory at Myriad Botanical Gardens is open Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm and Sunday, 11am-5pm.

Outdoor grounds are open daily, 6am-11pm.
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