Perryman Ranch

11524 S Elwood Ave
Jenks, OK 74037

Perryman Ranch

11524 S Elwood Ave
Jenks, OK 74037
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The Perryman Ranch was established before Oklahoma statehood and is the Creek allotment of Mose S. Perryman, son of Tulsa's "first family," George and Rachel Perryman, who helped name Tulsa. The ranch is a working ranch owned by Monetta Trepp, granddaughter of Mose Perryman. As a child, Monetta spent summers at the ranch with her grandmother, Lulu Perryman, widow of Mose. Tulsa's first post office is located at the ranch house.

The Perryman Ranch, established 1898 by tribal allotment deed to Mose Perryman, preserves 80-acres of the family ranch started by Mose's father, George Perryman. From the U.S. Civil War until allotment, the ranch stretched from Mounds to Chouteau, including over 250,000 acres of grazing range.

The ranch on Elwood Avenue is just south of Jenks. It is visible from the main road with the always-present white buffalo statue. Many people visit the banquet hall and ranch house to see the real white buffalo that makes his home here.  His name is YvnvssvHetke (Creek for White Buffalo).

The ranch pavilion is available for hayrides, youth activities and a variety of group activities. Use of the facilities includes the pavilion and seating for up to 200 people, party barn, volleyball, horseshoes, hiking trails, softball and fishing. An all-you-can-eat barbecue dinner can be provided upon request. A minimum of 100 guests on the weekend, and minimum of 50 guests on a weekday is required. Tours of the house and ranch are also available with event bookings; please call for reservations.




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