Red Slough Wildlife Management Area

Ouachita National Forest
South of Idabel, OK 74728
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Red Slough Wildlife Management Area

Ouachita National Forest
South of Idabel, OK 74728
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The Red Slough Wildlife Management Area is a premier watchable wildlife area in southeastern Oklahoma's Ouachita National Forest. Around 312 common and rare bird species have been documented in its 5,814 acres of marshes, wetlands, lakes and forestland. Birders have likened this Broken Bow site to the gulf coast habitats of Florida and Louisiana.

Unique species such as the roseate spoonbill, purple gallinule, white ibis, wood stork, yellow rail and black-bellied whistling duck have brought visitors from several states and countries to the slough. Waterfowl hunting is also popular during the winter months, as thousands of ducks converge on Red Slough. Mallards, teal, gadwalls and pintails are the most common waterfowl species harvested. A waterfowl refuge area has been established around five major reservoirs and no entrance is allowed between October 15 and January 31.

The American Alligator also has a presence at the Red Slough Wildlife Management Area, and the prime season for activity is March through October. This area is the only documented breeding area for the American Alligator in Oklahoma, with about one nest found each year.  Additional rules and regulations for visitors can be found on the website and in the Oklahoma hunting regulation guide. The area is managed by the U.S. Forest Service, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation and the Natural Resources Conservation Service.





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