Beautiful Minds: Dyslexia & the Creative Advantage

November 9, 2018 - August 4, 2019
every day
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2020 Remington Pl.
Oklahoma City, OK 73111
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Dyslexia affects as much as 4% of the world's population and often goes undiagnosed. Although dyslexia is labeled as a learning disability, it can also be seen as a different way of thinking — it changes the way millions of people read and process information. In “Beautiful Minds — Dyslexia and the Creative Advantage,” explore the successes of those who think and thought outside the box when faced with the challenges of dyslexia and learn about some of the tools and resources for diagnosis and pathways to success. Research has proven that people with dyslexia are often highly visual and able to quickly process and integrate visual and spatial information. History has proven that dyslexic thinkers have made world-changing accomplishments because of their ability to problem-solve in alternative ways with heightened creative skills. Join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of dyslexic thinkers in history — from Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein to Agatha Christie, Andy Warhol, and Steve Jobs — alongside present-day students and artists.

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