Visit Shawnee

2820 N Kickapoo
Shawnee, OK 74804

Visit Shawnee

2820 N Kickapoo
Shawnee, OK 74804

Stop by the Shawnee Welcome Center for free brochures, information and a friendly "howdy."

Shawnee sits at the crossroads of America on Interstate 40, just minutes from Interstates 44 and 35 and Route 66. While maintaining an independent small-town atmosphere complete with historic downtown shopping district, there are many familiar restaurants and stores you will recognize.

The Shawnee area is the unique home to four tribal governments, each with their own cultures, languages and traditions. Shawnee's distinctive past can be discovered in many museums and cultural centers.

For those that like a little more peace and quiet, Shawnee has nearby lakes with record-breaking fishing, boating and plenty of space to relax. More active guests enjoy Shawnee’s status as a walkable community with growing biking lane access and numerous parks. 

If you enjoy the nightlife, Shawnee’s five casinos and numerous live performance venues offer music and theater for lovers of art and culture.

Shawnee's hotels, restaurants and shopping destinations offer something for most tastes.  From fast and affordable to deluxe and leisurely, Shawnee can provide just the kind of experience you crave. 

Whether you have time to visit for a short time on a day trip or stay at one of the fine lodging establishments during a cross country expedition, the City of Shawnee’s Tourism Department is here to help you every step of the way. 





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