OKLAHOMA CITY – A lot of tools have been going in and out of Science Museum Oklahoma lately and it has nothing to do with the new roof that’s going up. November 13 the Museum is slated to open its newest art gallery exhibit entitled, “The Art of the Tool.”


“This exhibit will change the way you look at not just the tools around your house, but tools all over the world,” said Rick Sinnett, artist / idealist at Science Museum Oklahoma. “So much of the history and the design of the everyday tools we use is taken for granted, and the Art of the Tool is a chance for people to step back and realize the simple elegance of these every day time savers.”


The Art of the Tool is part of Science Museum Oklahoma’s Satellite Galleries, which features a rotation of new art exhibits throughout the year with the goal of displaying the close relationship of science and art. It will focus on the tools creative professionals use for their trades. The exhibit is dedicated to showcasing those tools as well as the professionals and artists that wield them.


“History is so important to science because it shows us how our past discoveries led us to where we are now,” said Bret Mahoney, academic networking coordinator at Science Museum Oklahoma. “The Art of the Tool showcases a progression of the science and technology behind tools, some of which have evolved over the years into the forms we know now. Others have changed relatively little, and it’s exciting to see the scientific discoveries of the past still serving us today and in the future.”


The Art of the Tool exhibit is included with regular museum admission. For more information on this and other exhibits at Science Museum Oklahoma guests can call 405-602-6664, or visit www.sciencemuseumok.org for more information.

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