OKLAHOMA CITY – At Science Museum Oklahoma guests may already have a hard time distinguishing what is science from what is magical – but for their next event, expect a little of both. On November 19 the Museum will host the Bright Night of Harry Potter, an all night event where guests will dabble in hands-on science, and the evening includes a trip to see the new Harry Potter film, “Deathly Hallows.”


“The Bright Night of Harry Potter is different from our usual sleepovers because instead of saying ‘it’s not magic, it’s science!’ we say it is both,” said Drew Smith, Bright Nights coordinator at Science Museum Oklahoma. “We are going to show you a scientific way to perform a Petrificus Totalus spell, refresh on the basics of Wizardry and then off to the cinema to check out the newest installment of the Harry Potter series: ‘Deathly Hallows.’”


The Bright Night of Harry Potter is an all night event where guests can spend the night in the museum and take part in themed science experiments. Quidditch matches, Herbology lessons, even Wizard’s dueling are all to be expected from this Bright Night. The evening starts at 6:00 p.m. and goes until 8:30 a.m. Activities also include a planetarium show, all night movies, a Science Live theater production and breakfast.


“This isn’t the first time we’ve had this event at the museum and it doesn’t matter if you can’t tell a quaffle from a bludger, you will have a good time,” said Sherry Marshall, director of the Oklahoma Museum Network. “Families I interact with ask me all the time when the next Harry Potter Bright Night will be. Well, here it is, so grab your wands, invisibility cloak, sleeping bags and friends and get ready to have a blast.”


Admission is $45 per participant, but a $10 discount is available for state of Oklahoma employees, members of the military and museum members. For more information on this and other exhibits at Science Museum Oklahoma guests can call 405-602-6664, or visit www.sciencemuseumok.org for more information.

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