The National Register of Historic Places is a catalogue of the buildings, sites, structures, districts, and objects whose hallowed ground and sturdy walls provide a glimpse into our past. These sites also may be selected for architectural and archeological interests. The Oklahoma State Historic Preservation Office is pleased to announce that the following Property was added to the National Register as of October 12, 2011.


The Chandler Baseball Camp was the first, and only, baseball camp of its type to be constructed in Oklahoma. It is the only facility based camp located in the community of Chandler; all other facilities are located at the local schools. With construction starting in 1957 and continuing through the early 1960’s the camp was designed to teach the skills of baseball in a traditional camp environment, according to Bo Belcher, the camp’s founders, ideals. Operating for 41 years, the Chandler Baseball Camp is significant for its role in recreation and entertainment.


The State Historic Preservation Office continues to strive to gain recognition for those places significant in Oklahoma’s history. For more information on these or other National Register properties, contact Lynda Schwan at (405) 522-4478 (email: