City electric crews hung two (2) directional signs this week on Main Street highlighting the Miami hotel district on east Steve Owens Boulevard. The signage reads, “Hotel District” and has an arrow pointing down Steve Owens Boulevard.


“The two (2) blank signs were free due to a shipping error. The Miami Convention and Visitor’s Bureau took advantage of this mix-up and paid to have Allen Sign Studio complete the printing,” stated Grant Coordinator Larry Eller.  

Route 66 attracts tourists from all over the world. International travelers consider Route 66 to be Classic America. Music celebrities like Paul McCartney and Robert Plant are recent travelers. The problem has been that in the past when traveling the Miami Route 66 section of highway, visitors get the wrong impression that there are no hotels in Miami since our hotel district is located adjacent to I-44 on Steve Owen Boulevard. Most travelers continue on to other Route 66 communities that have hotels located alongside the Route.  The placement of the signs is meant to correct this misconception and encourage our Route 66 travelers to stay awhile in Miami and experience our unique brand of Oklahoma Route 66 culture.  Miami has outstanding hotels, restaurants, and attractions like the Coleman Theatre, Motor Cycle Museum, original Ribbon Highway, Dobson Museum, and Native American entertainment and gaming. It is important that Route 66 tourists stop and stay awhile in Miami.  Tourism is the 3rd largest industry in the state of Oklahoma and generates over $6 Billion dollars annually in revenue. These tourism dollars help generate new jobs and economic activities in and around our community. Oklahoma also has more miles of Route 66 than any other state so travelers spend more time in-state and the new signs will help Miami keep them in town longer.

 “We are glad to have this signage in place; it is a much needed addition. Our office has always encouraged visitors to stay in our hotels, but this signage will help persuade those visitors that do not stop by our office,” said Miami Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Director Amanda Davis.


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Jill Fitzgibbon, Public Relations Director

City of Miami

PO Box 1288

Miami, OK 74355-1288

Ph: 918-961-2188