MUSKOGEE, Okla. (Nov. 22, 2011) – The Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame has received a $12,000 grant from country star and 1999 OMHOF inductee Vince Gill, and the star has challenged other Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame Inductees and all Oklahoma music lovers to contribute, as well.  The funds will help complete the construction of a state-of-the-art children’s music exhibit.


Work is nearly complete on the new children’s music exhibit, but more donations are needed for the project. The OMHOF has been fund raising for the exhibit for the past year. The experiential music exhibit is being housed in an old railroad caboose that was donated by Muskogee War Memorial Park, and transported to the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame site.


“We can’t thank Mr. Gill enough for his generosity and we are honored that he would also step forward to issue a challenge to his fellow inductees to make a contribution, as well,” said Penny Kampf, OMHOF executive director.  “Hundreds of donors have helped to make this project a reality.  Now, we need an additional financial boost so that the museum can open by the end of the year.”


Exhibit designers from Nashville completed the installation of much of the exhibits last week.  In the next few days, signage will be installed and there will be sound checks and a formal walk through to make sure the exhibit is ready for the public. The project is intended to benefit children, young and old, and features Jeremiah The Bullfrog as the official ‘host’ for participants.  The exhibits include a station where children can build a band; listen to the differences in various musical instruments and experience Oklahoma’s rich musical heritage.


“We believe children need to understand that music comes from real people and real musical instruments — not just from electronics.  The OMHOF aims to educate children about the rich history of Oklahoma music — what it means, how it moves people, and its broad cultural significance,” said Kampf.


The OMHOF is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit created to honor, preserve and promote Oklahoma music. For more information, log onto or call (918) 687-0800.  


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About the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame

Oklahomans have always had a rich and profound impact on the world’s music culture. In 1995, recognizing the need to educate the public about the influence Oklahomans have had in the music industry, the vision for the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame was born. 


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