The Dehydrator Bicycle Ride/Race will take place July 30, 2011 at the Simmons Center, Duncan, OK. To participate, or for more information on the race please contact: Kent Collins580-439-4827.  

Duncan Little Theatre's Teen Theatre presents, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe on July 30, 2011 at the Simmons Center, Duncan, OK.  Tickets $5.00 for adults, children are free!!! Tickets go on sale the day of the show at 1:30pm. For more information, please contact: DLT 580-252-8331. 

The Water Garden Society of Southern Oklahoma will be having our 17th Annual Water Garden Pond tour in Duncan, OK. The Pond Tour will take place on July 30, 2011. You can pick up your tour book at several locations in town and at the Fuqua Park. You can call Cecil Ward if you have any questions about this tour. All are welcome and The tour is FREE. For more information, please contact: Cecil Ward 580-467-8366. 

The Heart-to-Heart Fall Consignment Bazaar August 4 - 6, 2011  at the Stephens County Fair & Expo Center, Duncan, OK.   The Heart-to-Heart Consignment Bazaar is a Shopper's Dream!

If you consider yourself a savvy shopper, this event is for you!

It's a savings extravaganza-- a shopping event that happens twice a year. At this event, consignors bring their new and gently-used children's and maternity merchandise to sell. Shoppers can then browse and purchase these items at great savings, usually far below retail prices.        Only the Best Items at Great Savings! Just Between Friends hosts these events in clean, well-organized venues where shoppers can find all they need for their family at substantial savings--usually 50 to 90% off retail prices! Merchandise is inspected to insure only high quality items will be sold. At a typical Heart-to-Heart event, you can find clothing, toys, baby equipment, strollers, high chairs, cribs, joggers, nursery gear, maternity wear, baby carriers, play yards, play sets, coats, shoes...well, you can see the list of items just goes on and on! And so do the savings! You can Make Money too! Those who have discovered our event as shoppers quickly become consignors, selling their items to make up to 70% on sales! They sell the items they no longer need as their children grow and then purchase what they DO need at great savings. It's a savings cycle that has helped hundreds of families throughout Stephens County make the most of every budget dollar. You can sign up online to be a consignor at A free, easy-to-use online tagging site is also available, so you can price your items for sale and output tags in a matter of minutes! Plus, it's so much fun to get your consignor check for your item sales—usually just a few days after the event! We will open registration on June 15th so you can get a head start on tagging your items!  Please call if you have any questions or visit our website for all the answers! For more information, please contact: Deonna Linsky 580-467-8118 

The 7th Annual Fiesta In Fuqua will take place, August 6, 2011 at Fuqua Park, Duncan, OK.  

Free fun filled day in the park!  Join us as we immunize and exercise at our 7th Annual Fiesta In Fuqua.  Sponsored by Daisy Lawler and the New Hope Baptist West Church.  The Blue Cross Blue Shield Caring Van will be providing immunizations on site (MUST BRING SHOT RECORD).  Also there will be health screenings. There will be food, games and school supplies.  MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT/ADULT.  Children check in at the school bus and get a grade appropriate card.  Take card to various games in the park, after finishing the game, sponsor will validate.  After receiving all punches take back to the school bus for 1 bag of grade appropriate school supplies. Kiddieland will be open and rides will be free!! Come out and enjoy the 7th Annual Fiesta In Fuqua.   

For further information, please contact Daisy Lawler at (Home) 580-439-5706, (Cell) 580-656-0876, or (email)