Join us at Dwelling Spaces where Oklahoma City artists Kris Kanaly & Scott Henderson will come together to exhibit their work.

Here's a little bit of info on the artists:

Kris Kanaly is an artist living and breathing in Oklahoma City. Many years of practicing the voodoo arts and shamanistic space travel have given Kris "abilities." Along with his tribe, he assists in leaving cryptic symbols down the path of his travels. Sometimes, he puts them in a gallery for us all to enjoy.

Scott Henderson lives and works as an artist in Oklahoma city. His painting/collages serve as a dichotomy between the comfortable familiarities of our environment and the veiled nature of reality. Current work is split into two concepts" alchemy and individuation" .and “anthropomorphic archetypes”. The first expresses the theory of individuation through symbols, diagrams,multi layers, and textural imagery while expressing alchemical ideas in a painted/constructed allegory. The latter is based on archetypal ideas and how they influence the psyche, dreams and the Self.

The majority of the pieces in this show were created using a print ink resistance process gridded out into sections giving each one its own unique part of the whole. They incorporate a manipulation of found images, Henderson's paintings and photographs, transfers and other media that help stir the viewers perception.

More Info!

Mary Beth went to visit the artist at their studios in OKC! Watch this video to see the artists in their natural environment:

Also...if you watch really closely, you might catch a glimpse of the elusive Bigfoot!

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