(Norman, Okla.) May 24, 2011 —“My hope is that the viewer is both visually excited by the images themselves and by the information that is transmitted in the process,” says Andrew Strout, photography professor at the OU School of Art and Art History.


The University of Oklahoma School of Art and Art History is proud to announce a photography exhibition "Visions of Quiet Dignity: Photographs of South India" by Andrew Strout. The closing reception is 6 p.m., Friday, June 10 at Third Eye Gallery, located at 120 E. Tonhawa Street in Norman, Okla. This reception is in conjunction with the Norman Arts Council’s monthly 2nd Friday Circuit of Art.


Strout’s first trip to India in 1974 was incredibly beautiful. Lush green tropical vegetation, small towns and a gently rollingterrain often passing lakes and rivers, a few motor vehicles but a busy population that didn’t appear to be frantic or hurried.


Strout says in 1974, India could be likened to turn of the century America. Industry was present but not sophisticated. Life was simpler, family essential, and basic needs for daily life were met with hard work.


“Wherever I went the people were very cordial, curious, polite, and open. Out of the three months of that visit, I spent nine days in hotels in 1974 and the balance was spent in the homes of friends and acquaintances,” says Strout.


Strout wanted to photograph the changes, not necessarily as they happened but as often as possible. Photographs, which he made in 1974, became the basis for this projected goal. Towards this goal to make a documentary record in India he returned in 1987, 1994 and 1995 for extended periods, and also briefly in 1981, 1989 and 1997 to photograph people and their lives.


“This work then is about the change and transition that is occurring even now. India developed more rapidly than I expected or was initially prepared for. The images speak softly and historically about the people and place of south India, especially Kerala and Karnataka,” says Strout.


Third Eye Gallery is located within the Ashtanga Yoga Studio in a new building onTonhawa Street, formerly Norman Lumber. The studio space was largely built by volunteers last July with gallery space, they are officially celebrating the opening with this exhibition. Acting curator for the gallery is Kenneth Haltman, H. Russell Pitman Professor of American Art History with the OU School of Art and Art History.


The Third Eye Gallery hours are as follows: Monday, 4-8; Tuesday, 5:30-8; Wednesday, 6-10; Thursday, 5:30-8; Friday, 4-9; Saturday, 1-6; Sunday, 1-7; or by appointment. For more information, please call (405) 503-7779.



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