May 6, 7 & 8
A weekend of incredible art comes to Woolaroc on May 7th and 8th in the Woolaroc Museum as the Gallery of Artists (9 award winning wildlife artists) will be starting the first leg of their tour in our very own backyard!   The evening of Friday, May 6th will be a private VIP reception in the Museum and the exhibit will be open to the general public on Saturday and Sunday (7th and 8th).
The Gallery of Artists is a group of talented, wildlife professionals who love nothing more than to share their love and processes with the public.   Because of that, they will host lectures on Saturday and Sunday at the Events Center at Woolaroc to the general public (no extra fee, this is included in your gate admission).  
Bob Fraser, CEO of Woolaroc stated, “this show, along with the open lectures by these great artists, provides a rare and unique opportunity to the guests of Woolaroc.    We are so fortunate to be able to host the Gallery of Artists for their inaugural show and to have them agree to provide open and free lectures is an incredible bonus to our guests. I hope that everyone will take advantage of this great show.”      Here is a schedule of the lectures and a description of the artists:
·        10-11 am        Julie Bender – Painting with Heat (Pyrography)
If you wonder how burned wood can be considered fine art, come find out!   Julie will be on hand to present the ancient art of pyrography while describing her technique and process.
·        11:30-12:30    Paul Rhymer – From Clay to Bronze
Recently retired as the head taxidermist for the Smithsonian, Paul brings a unique perspective to his work…he will explain the process of creating a sculpture from the beginning stages of clay to the finished bronze.
·        1:00-2:00      Melanie Fain – The Etching Process   
You will find out how Melanie got started in the arts and an explanation of the etching process.   A question and answer session will follow.
·        2:30-3:30      James Gary Hines, II – Nature Photography as Art
Internationally published nature photographer, Hines will describe how he creates fine art photographs from the use of light, composition and story telling.
·        10-11:00         Robert Caldwell – It’s What’s Underneath That Counts
The artist answers the most-asked questions about his work, “why do you create a finished drawing and then paint over it?” Listen as he describes the history of this Flemish technique, the oldest “old master” technique in oil painting.
·        11:30-12:30    Dale A. Weiler – Bringing Stone to Life
Dale will present a Powerpoint presentation of how he turns a piece of stone into a finished sculpture featuring one of his award winning pieces, “Evolution of Silk”.
·        1:00-2:00      Wes Siegrist – The History of Miniature Art
Historian and author, Wes Siegrist will discuss the history and modern scope of miniature art via a Powerpoint presentation.
·        2:30-3:30       Jan Martin McGuire – Evolution of an Artist
Internationally known Bartlesville artist, McGuire will take you through her journey as a tomboy in Colorado to where she is today. She will describe her techniques and show examples of her work from Africa to the Rainforests of Central and South American to the North American continent.