OKLAHOMA CITY, July 5, 2011 - Visitors to the Passages exhibition at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art will have a unique opportunity to learn about new biblical research findings and insights on historical Bible translations beginning July 19. The Passages Speakers' Series will bring acclaimed biblical scholars from around the world to Oklahoma City weekly through October—and it is free.

"While movies like National Treasure, The Da Vinci Code and Indiana Jones tell of quests for fictional treasures, the real-life treasure hunters of the Green Scholars Initiative are uncovering new scientific mysteries in ancient biblical texts and manuscripts," said Dr. Jerry Pattengale, who directs the initiative. "The public will now get the rare opportunity to hear directly from these world-class experts at no cost."

Passages Speakers' Series debuts with guest lecturer Dr. David Lyle Jeffrey on "Beyond the Renaissance: Critical Texts and Bible Translation"

Tuesday, July 19
6:30-7:45 p.m. CT

Oklahoma City Museum of Art
The Samuel Noble Theater
415 Couch Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Free and open to the public


  • July 19   
    Dr. David Lyle Jeffrey, Baylor University
    "Beyond the Renaissance: Critical Texts and Bible Translation"

  • July 26
    Dr. Peter Flint, Canada Research Chair in Dead Sea Scrolls Studies
    "The Contents and Challenges of the Dead Sea Biblical Scrolls"

  • Aug. 9
    Dr. Gordon Campbell, University of Leicester (UK)
    "The Making of a Bible Classic: The Translation of the King James Bible"

  • Aug. 16   
    Dr. Edwin Yamauchi, Miami University (OH)
    "The Greatest Archaeological Discoveries and the Old Testament"

  • Aug. 23   
    Dr. Scott Carroll, Director of the Green Collection
    "The Green Collection: Scientific Breakthroughs and Bible Translation"

  • Sept. 6   
    Dr. Scot McKendrick, The British Library
    "Manuscript Discoveries and Bible Translation"

  • Sept. 13
    Dr. Dirk Obbink, Oxford University (UK)
    "Papyri Discoveries and Bible Translation"

  • Sept. 20
    Dr. Alister McGrath, King's College (UK)
    "What Do William Tyndale and C.S. Lewis Have in Common?"

  • Sept. 27
    Dr. Ralph Hanna, Oxford University (UK)
    "Richard Rolle's Impact on the English Bible"

  • Oct. 4   
    Dr. Jerry Pattengale, Director of the Green Scholars Initiative
    "Answers to New Theories Regarding How We Got the Bible"

  • Oct. 11   
    Dr. Robert Cooley, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
    "The Greatest Archaeological Discoveries and the New Testament"

For additional information about the speakers, visit ExplorePassages.com/Speakers. To learn more about Passages, visit ExplorePassages.com.

About The Green Collection
Among the newest and largest private collections of rare biblical texts and artifacts in the world, The Green Collection is a compilation of more than 30,000 biblical antiquities. Named for the Green family, founders and leaders of national retailer Hobby Lobby, the collection features one of the world's earliest-surviving Bibles─Codex Climaci Rescriptus. Hobby Lobby President Steve Green oversees the expansion and outreach of the collection and will serve as chairman of the board for the eventual museum. Dr. Scott Carroll, a scholar of ancient and medieval manuscripts, serves as the director of The Green Collection. The Green Scholars Initiative (GreenScholarsInitiative.org), the research arm of the collection, brings together the world's best and brightest scholars to pioneer groundbreaking research on biblical texts and artifacts.