Endowment Gift Supports Philharmonic Youth Concerts

Following the Hearst Foundations’ quarterly board meeting on March 29, 2011, executive director Paul “Dino” Dinovitz, announced a grant to the Oklahoma City Philharmonic of $50,000 to endow the Philharmonic’s annual Youth Concerts.

This grant is an addition to the generous grant awarded in 2010 by the Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation. The Rapp Foundation's designated Endowment Fund for Youth Concerts is held at the Oklahoma City Philharmonic Foundation.

The Fund for Youth Concerts supports the annual presentation of a series of concerts by the Oklahoma City Philharmonic and offered free of charge to elementary school students in the Oklahoma City Schools and schools from communities in 25 counties throughout Oklahoma. A total of eight concerts are presented at the Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City in October and April to accommodate more than 17,000 children each year.

The Philharmonic Youth Concerts are conducted by Matthew Troy, OKC Philharmonic education conductor, who also serves in the same capacity with the Winston-Salem Symphony Orchestra. The goal of these concerts is to introduce the orchestra, the musical instruments of the orchestra, and orchestral music to youngsters.

Pre-concert preparation for the students is a classroom activity led by the teachers with materials provided by the Oklahoma City Philharmonic with support from the endowment fund. The fund proceeds also support the concert expenses of personnel, music rentals and facility charges.

The Philharmonic Youth Concerts are part of an extensive music educational program that serves Oklahomans from pre-school ages to senior adults. Presented with support from and in cooperation with the Oklahoma City Orchestra League, these music education programs provide educational and creative opportunities to more than 40,000 Oklahomans.

For more information about the Hearst grant award, the Philharmonic Youth Concerts or the Philharmonic education programs, contact Michelle Winters, Director of Marketing at 405-842-5387, mwinters@okcphilharmonic.org.