Put on your grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts to test your detective skills at the “Lethal Luau” Murder Mystery Dinner, Sat., Aug. 27, 6 p.m. at Eufaula VFW Post 8798. This evening of dining and entertainment is a fund raising event of Lake Eufaula Association.

Menu for the main course of the four-course dinner includes: pulled pork, baked potatoes, green beans and Hawaiian rolls.

Tickets are $30 per person and can be purchased at the LEA office, 701 S. Main, Eufaula. Please call 918.689.7751 for questions or to reserve tickets.

The story line is a sunset luau on a Hawaiian beach to celebrate Chase Diamond’s 33rd birthday. Chase, a private eye with his own detective agency was a man willing to take big risks to get results for his clients. He also had a reputation for romancing too many ladies at the same time. He was in the celebrating mood, raised his glass to toast his friends, took one swallow and fell to the ground, stone cold dead! It is a clear case of murder and it’s up to the audience to decide who the killer is!

Narrating the evening’s event will be Kalina, aka Karen Weldin, the lead tour guide of the Island. Her family is of Polynesian descent and has been living on Maui for many generations.

Local suspects include:

Nadia Seymour aka Tephanie Neill, a sexy swimsuit model who is vacationing in Maui. She met Chase at a local nightclub.

Joey Breakers, aka Gavin Morgan, a bodacious surfer dude seeking the ultimate wave. He does odd jobs for his old college buddy, Chase.

Holly Day, aka Trina Williams, a wealthy socialite sailing the South Seas in her seventy foot yacht. She has been busy checking out the men of Hawaii much to her jealous, possessive husband’s dismay.

Chief Honikaua Wiki-Wiki aka Rob Rumble, a fearsome-looking tribal chief, and a direct descendent of a royal Polynesian family. He believes in ancient customs and tribal justice, an eye for an eye, that sort of thing.

Leilani, aka Rachel Morris, a sweet, innocent-looking, Hawaiian hula dancer. She entertains at Island resort hotels with a repertoire of graceful hula dances.

Les Baggs, aka Tom Bachi, a camera-toting, befuddled and bumbling tourist. He is determined to see and do everything on his holiday.

Birdie Putt, aka Hannah Gulley, on tour with the U.S. pro golfing circuit, she played a lousy round today and has decided to take a long walk along the beach on that fateful night.

Rip Tide, aka John Garrett, a scuba diving instructor whose boat broke down off-shore causing him to swim to the beach surfacing right into the crime scene.


Connie Morris

Executive Director

Lake Eufaula Association