Due to extended dry weather and other influences, the Antelope Springs in the Platt Historic District have ceased to flow. Some water is still flowing in the area of Buffalo Springs. Low amounts of water are currently flowing throughout Travertine Creek downstream from both Buffalo and Antelope Springs. Some of the waterfalls along the creek no longer have water flowing over them. Unfortunately, the lack of water dictates that most areas along the creek will be closed to swimming until further notice.

Antelope Springs last ran dry for a few months in the spring of 2009; historically the springs at the head of Travertine Creek occasionally experience low or no flow generally coinciding with periods of drought. Once rains come again, the aquifer is recharged, and the spring volume should return to normal. Park Superintendent Bruce Noble stated “The current drought situation provides another example of how valuable our water resources are in the park and how sensitive the springs are to environmental changes. Along with everybody in the area, our park staff is fervently hoping that a more normal rainfall pattern will return very soon.”