The Miami Fire Department (MFD) will celebrate Fire Prevention Week October 10-14 by once again presenting their public education program for school aged children at the Coleman Theatre. Over 2,070 students from Miami, Afton, Fairland, Wyandotte, Welch, Quapaw, Mt. Olive and 2 daycare facilities will view their show.


This year’s national theme is “Keep Your Family Safe.” Our firefighters will review 7 different safety messages with the students: Stop-Drop-And-Roll; EDITH (Exit Drills In The Home) Weather Safety; Animal Safety; Smoke Detector Safety; and Tools & Toys.


Each year the MFD prepares a new series of messages and an imaginative approach to deliver them. However, they do not write a script. These unscripted, spontaneous dialogues are a big hit with the children. “The last show of the week is usually a little better than the first because we try different lines and jokes with the kids and by the end of the week we know what works best,” stated firefighter and clown Tracy Horton.


“We’re thinking about creating a presentation for the middle school and high school aged students with a more serious message, which would include cyber-bullying,” said firefighter and clown Michael Bowling.


In addition to the programs, the MFD also holds a poster contest for Miami’s 4th and 5th graders. The winners are announced during the shows at the Coleman.


All of Miami’s firefighters have participated in Fire Prevention Week at some point in their career whether it be as a clown or as support. This year 4 firefighters will don their clown personas: Sparky Bunker, Flash, and Captain.


This children’s public education program is funded by the City of Miami and any additional monies collected by the firefighters throughout the year.


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Jill Fitzgibbon, Public Relations Director

City of Miami

PO Box 1288

Miami, OK 74355-1288

Ph: 918-961-2188