Fundraiser shows for “The Verdigris: In Search of Will Rogers” include Norman on April 23 and Tulsa on April 25

NORMAN, OKLA., April 19, 2011 — A group of notable Oklahoma musicians and filmmakers has announced plans to create a documentary tracing the life of Will Rogers across the United States.

“The Verdigris: In Search of Will Rogers” will consist of two parts — a documentary film and an accompanying record. Oklahoma-born musician Beau Jennings, has spent the past several years writing songs about Rogers, his boyhood hero. Oklahoma filmmaker Bradley Beesley will follow Jennings across the United States as he performs these original songs at various locations where significant events in Rogers’ life occurred — from Oklahoma to Hollywood to Alaska.

“‘The Verdigris’ is something that has become very special to me — it’s named for the river that runs through both my hometown and Will’s — and I hope it can become something special to others, too,” Jennings said. “I think everyone knows Will as Oklahoma’s favorite son, but I also think he has faded into the past a bit, reduced to a few memorable quotes. Hopefully with this project, we can all rediscover what made Will Rogers so cool.”

The documentary team will launch a six-show fundraising tour this week. The tour will include three stops in Oklahoma, including The Chouse in Norman on April 23, the Church Studio in Tulsa on April 25, and the Norman Music Festival on April 30.

In addition to Jennings and Beesley, the project team will include producers Eric Steel and Adam Donaghey, co-producer Jonathan Fowler, and music producers/studio engineers Jarod Evans and Chad Copelin from Blackwatch Studios.  

“I’m asking anyone and everyone who is interested to come to a show, watch the trailer screening, hear us play some songs, and donate whatever you can to help us make this project a reality,” Jennings said.

To coincide with the first date of the fundraising tour, Jennings and the rest of the team will launch an online Kickstarter page. Supporters will be able to donate through this webpage or directly at the shows.