Oklahoma Pioneer 1905 Cookbook—Food for Body and Soul combines unpretentious, delectable recipes with a glimpse into the lives of our courageous 89ers and pioneers who founded our first schools, churches and Libraries.

            Illustrated with 200 vintage photos and 1905 merchants ads offering cook stoves claiming to bake biscuits in three minutes, corsets, buggies and artificial eyes, this captivating collection includes 300 amusing but useable recipes like rusk calling for 2 teacupsful of sponge, Oklahoma’s Delight cake, potato stuffing for goose or duck, sweet bread meats, snow eggs and suet pudding.

These recipes with cameos of the contributors transport you back into the lives of our everyday pioneer heroines through our universal passion for food, family and community fellowship. Each brave lady leaves behind a legacy of love and darned good home cooking to future generations of today’s hungry “pioneers.”             

All book profits go to feed starving children in Oklahoma—the fifth hungriest state in the Union. See www.HeavenlyPatchwork.com for sample stories, recipes and ordering info for your Valentine Day’s gift giving.