As the first retail business to officially open its doors in the recently renovated Plaza District, Collected Thread has been at the forefront of Oklahoma City’s shop local movement since 2008.

And on September 9-10, the handmade boutique will celebrate its third anniversary by promoting local artists and businesses who are contributing to the growth of the Plaza District and Oklahoma City.

“Our success has been built on a growing community of local entrepreneurs, artists and shoppers who are passionate about what’s happening here and are proud to be from Oklahoma,” said shop owner Lindsay Zodrow. “Our anniversary is a way to celebrate being part of this community that’s working together for the good of our city.”

During the Plaza District’s monthly LIVE on the Plaza event on September 9, Collected Thread will give away free cupcakes from Cuppies and Joe. On Saturday, September 10, the shop will give away more cupcakes, coffee from Café Evoke, t-shirts designed by local artist Dusty Gilpin from Tree and Leaf, and totes designed by local artist Dylan Bradway from DNA Galleries. On both days, the shop will raffle off several gift baskets and donate 20% of every sale containing three or more items to the Plaza District Association.

Plaza District Executive Director Kristen Vails said Zodrow’s community-building efforts began immediately after opening Collected Thread.

“She understands the hard work and dedication it takes to not only make her business thrive, but also to make the entire district thrive,” Vails said. “The Plaza District would not be the place it is today without Collected Thread’s truly unique store and commitment to our community.”

Zodrow started Collected Thread with a dream to promote handmade work by local artists, lots of encouragement from her husband Adam, and $2,000. As a studio art major at Oklahoma State University, she knew first-hand how difficult it could be for artists to make a living from their work.

“Our hope was that it could be a place that would promote young artists who weren’t established yet,” Zodrow said. “There are a lot of young artists who don’t have a place to start, and we hope to be a catalyst for their success.”

In addition to serving as a catalyst for local artists, Collected Thread has served as a catalyst for other local shops. Audrey Falk, owner of clothing and accessories retailer Shop Good, said Collected Thread inspired her to launch her own business.

“We'd been tossing around the idea of starting our own store, and seeing what a cool space Lindsay had created all by herself was so inspiring,” Falk said. “Her abilities to create visual interest and merchandise her products are amazing,”

Falk said she connected with Zodrow immediately upon being introduced at a LIVE on the Plaza event. Zodrow then mentored Falk and her husband Justin through starting up their own shop in the Plaza District.  Zodrow provided feedback on new displays and new product lines and even provided encouragement on slow days.

Falk said having that relationship was invaluable.

“It's collaborations like this that make Oklahoma City the ideal place to start a small business,” Falk said. “The retail attitude among the young local business owners is so complementary, as opposed to competitive. We all respect what each of us brings to the local retail scene and we work hard to create an atmosphere in which everyone can play to their strengths while cross-promoting with other shops.”

Zodrow said the Plaza District was the perfect place to set up shop and build a collaborative retail community.

“Just like the artists we wanted to promote, the Plaza District had not yet become established back in 2008—so there was a great opportunity to create something entirely new,” Zodrow said. “Thanks to the hard work and vision of the Plaza District Association and local entrepreneurs, the district is now lined with restored buildings and unique, energetic, locally owned businesses. Over the next 5 years, I see the district becoming a tourist attraction and something that our city proudly boasts of.”

About Collected Thread
Collected Thread is a handmade boutique whose purpose is to encourage and help support local craft, design and art. More than 50 percent of our handmade items are made locally. Come by for handmade and hand-altered clothing, housewares, accessories, jewelry and baby items. Located at 1705A NW 16th Street in Oklahoma City, we’re open Tuesdays – Saturdays from 11 am to 7 pm. For more information, please visit


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