The board of Kingfisher Creative!, Inc. is very pleased to report a revival of the Kingfisher Community Theater with the comedy "Lend Me a Tenor" directed by Tyler Mueggenborg and playing February 2-5 at the school auditorium.


The comedy is written by Ken Ludwig and stars 4 men and 4 women.  It's a story of a play within a play, as the actors try to salvage a production of a play where everything goes wrong, including the accidental tranquilizing of their star, some mistaken identities and a madcap effort to continue when "the show must go on."


In order to re-launch the community theater, members of casts and crews from previous Kingfisher productions met and certain goals were set.  The priority was set on finding a director and letting that director select the play.  Tyler Mueggenborg was placed on a short list of potential directors, and his enthusiastic embrace of a community theater project has cemented the support of the Kingfisher Creative's board of directors.


Tyler's acting and directing credentials were developed at Oklahoma City University while majoring in theater.  At OCU he became well known for his sense of comedic timing among others performing at a professional level.


"Lend Me a Tenor" stars eight actors, (4 men and 4 women) and was produced in London's West End (1986) and on Broadway (1989).  It's been nominated for seven Tony awards, and won the award for best actor.


Tryouts will be held December 15th at 6:30 at Memorial Hall.  Call-backs will be held as needed on December 17th.  Auditions will include readings from the script, as chosen by the director.  John Gooden, chairman of Kingfisher Creative, has placed scripts on order and will have several copies available at the Chamber of Commerce for reading in advance.  Copies of the script are also available on-line.


This performance is viewed by its sponsors as only the first of a series of productions to comprise a revival of the community theater.  Profits from the show will support the next production to follow, and those could include musicals, dramas, and other comedies.  


Those most familiar with former productions urged the selection of interested directors, and that remains the first priority in promoting a wider revival of the Kingfisher Community Theater.  Those who might wish to direct a play or musical will need to cooperate with Kingfisher Creative to establish a calendar for the productions.


The board of Directors for Kingfisher Creative includes Robin Wolf, Paula and Worth Lambert, Scott Osborn, Kris Piersall, Brenda Dewald, Kurt Kaya, and Shel Wagner.  John Gooden serves as chairman.  Many volunteers have come out this year to support their other efforts in the Kingfisher Arts Festival, the Twister Relief concert, the Friday evening summer concerts, and the Soulful Stories event.