NORMAN, Okla. – Singer songwriter Slaid Cleaves will be performing in concert at Norman’s historic Santa Fe Depot, 200 South Jones Avenue, on Sunday, December 5. The concert is part of the Performing Arts Studio Winter Wind Concert Series beginning at 7 p.m. The tickets are $20 and advanced purchase is recommended through PAS or


        Slaid Cleaves summarizes himself as someone who; grew up in Maine, lives in Texas, writes songs, makes records, travels around, and tries to be good. Cleaves got his start making music in his garage band in high school and brought his love of music with him while abroad in Ireland during his junior year of college. This is where Cleaves career began as being a “busker,” singing on the streets of Cork, Ireland.


            After returning from Ireland, Cleaves began pursuing his music career. By 1990, he released his first debut cassette, The Promise. That was followed a year later by Looks Good from the Road, recorded with his rock band, The Moxie Men, which featured Slaid on lead vocals and acoustic guitar. By the end of the year, the band was the darling of the Portland press and touted as one of the bands 'most likely to succeed.' There he rose swiftly through the ranks of the local singer/songwriter scene.


            By 1991, Slaid’s solo acoustic side took over and him and his wife Karen moved to Austin, Texas.  In the later years, Slaid continued to work hard in Austin, playing in various clubs, touring, and continuing to hone his craft as a songwriter. In 1997, he recorded and released his first national album No Angel Knows. By 2000, he gained national prominence when he had an American charts hit with his album and song Broke Down.


            Cleaves decided to break the mold of his previous music with the release of his recent 2009 cd, Everything you Love Will be Taken Away.  The album is the follow up to 2006’s Unsung, a lovingly crafted collection of covers written by some of Cleaves favorite-if somewhat lesser know- fellow travelers on the troubadour road. One of the songs from the album, “Cry,” is known as one of the most emotionally trenchant songs of Cleaves career, but also one of his catchiest.


            “[Cleaves] Is a sharply observant songwriter with the deep appreciation for the ageless fundamentals of folk, country, and rock… one of the country’s most compelling roots artists,' said Chicago Reader music critic Peter Margasak.


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