Museum Celebrates Annual Holiday by Launching Mascot to Edge of Space


OKLAHOMA CITY – Science Museum Oklahoma is going to space – sort of. During the Museum’s annual Space Day holiday on May 6 they are partnering with Oklahoma State University to send their robotic mascot, Otto, high enough into the atmosphere to see the curvature of the earth.


“This is quite possibly one of the coolest, craziest things we’ve done,” said Bret Mahoney, academic networking coordinator at Science Museum Oklahoma. “By launching Otto into space we’re really hoping to show people how attainable space can be. It is really only as far away as from the Museum to Edmond. Along with all the other activities going on during Space Day this is a great opportunity for Oklahoma students and educators to explore a formerly untouchable realm from their back yard.”


Space Day will take place May 6 and last from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The day will include space related science activities that are not regular to the Museum piloting your own Mars rover, gathering moon rocks, launching rockets and many more. The high altitude balloon launch, dubbed the OTTO project (Outer Troposphere Tracking and Observation), is set to take place at noon on the Museum’s roof.


“We are fortunate to have OSU, one of the best unmanned aerial systems programs in the country, so close and willing to reach out to their community,” said Chris Wilkerson, science programs coordinator at Science Museum Oklahoma. “The things they are working on over there and the fact that students are making such complex machines just shows how far we’ve come technologically, and hopefully this gets the message across that great feats are possible with the right knowledge and some hard work.”


For more information Science Museum Oklahoma guests can call 405-602-6664, or visit for more information.

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