After 56 elite international wine judges tasted 2,768 wines from nearly 500 wineries, at the recent 2011 Dallas Morning News and TexSom Wine Competition. It was Oklahoma’s Summerside Vineyards, Winery & Meadery of Vinita who struck gold, when their Cream Sherry topped the list.


The competition had the finest collection of wine judges assembled of any judging competition in the country. “We’ve always known this was a special wine,” said Marsha Butler, owner of Summerside Vineyards. “Not only has it won many awards, but we often find ourselves having to maintain a waiting list due to its popularity. It’s a sweet treat.”


With the legendary Sherry maker Dr. Roy Mitchell as a mentor, Summerside’s Sherry solera system started in 2001. A solera is designed to yield a consistent product from year to year. Comprised of several groups of barrels, each barrel is filled almost full to allow the wine to oxidize and only a small amount of the “liquid gold” is bottled each year.


Summerside is known for their “Wines with a Story” and their location along Historic Route 66. The friendly staff, casual atmosphere, gift shop, gourmet Bistro, and memorabilia from Tulsa’s now demolished Camelot Hotel are all instant favorites. Things worthy of remembering from the historic hotel include the front desk, bar from the Red Lion Club, chandelier, tables, signs, iron gate and more.


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