Oklahoma City University will be conducting auditions for a new play about the life of Te Ata, one of America’s most beloved Native storytellers, from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 12 at Oklahoma City University.

 Interested actors and dancers are encouraged to attend the auditions at OCU Wanda Bass School of Music, Studio A located at 2501 N. Blackwelder Ave. in Oklahoma City. Call backs will be Sunday, Nov. 13, starting at 1 p.m.

 The play will be presented at OCU June 14-17 and 21-24, 2012. The Oklahoma performances will be followed by a tour production July 5-8, 2012 at the National Museum of the American Indian Rasmuson Theatre in Washington, DC.

 All actors and dancers will receive a paid internship from May 14 – July 8, 2012. Housing will be provided.  Travel expenses to Washington, DC will also be covered.

 Interested individuals must sign up for an audition appointment by emailing jloliva@aol.com. Those auditioning must also prepare a 60 to 90 second monologue and bring a head shot and resume.

 Te Ata Fisher, a Chickasaw, was one of Oklahoma’s most recognized historic figures. Throughout her career, Te Ata’s performances of American Indian folklore enchanted a wide variety of audiences, including European royalty, Americans of all ages as well as Indians across the American continents from Canada to Peru.

 The Chickasaw Nation and Oklahoma City University are collaborating on this production with award-winning Chickasaw playwright, JudyLee Oliva. 

“Te Ata” will be directed by noted Native American scholar and director Dr. Christy Stanlake. The production includes music composed by Jan Seiden.


Available roles include:


Elder Te Ata - 90-year-old Chickasaw Indian woman, who speaks beautifully and is still quite captivating. Looking for Native actress, who is at least in her late 40s or 50s.


Young Te Ata - Younger version of the elder Te Ata, attractive dark hair, enchanting and innocent. Looking for Native actress who is a gifted storyteller, age 18-35.


Miss Davis - Caucasian woman, Te Ata’s teacher, charismatic, energetic, funny. Looking for Caucasian actress, age 25-45.


Dr. Clyde Fisher - Caucasian man, Te Ata’s husband, formal in manner with shocking white hair and twinkling eyes. Looking for an actor in his 50s. Needs to have white hair or be willing to change hair color.


Kuruks - Young American Indian man, Te Ata’s friend, tall mischievous, stunning smile. Looking for Native American actor, age 18-35.


Margaret - Caucasian woman, Te Ata’s best friend, adventurous, blondish/reddish hair, with beautiful eyes. Ideally looking for an actress who can play violin, age 20-30s.


Ataloa - American Indian woman, Te Ata’s cousin, opera singer. Must be able

To sing. If you are interested in this role, please be prepared to sing at the audition. Looking for Native American actress, who can sing, age 15-40.


Ensemble - 4 men, 4 women. Looking for all ethnic backgrounds and all ages. The ensemble cast members play a variety of roles throughout the play and do all the dance numbers. Must be able to dance or at least have strong movement background.


For more information, please contact the Chickasaw Nation Division of Arts and Humanities at (580) 272-5520 or visit www.chickasaw.net.



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Date: Oct. 24, 2011