“Artistic Diversity in Nature”



What does an elephant in hot pursuit, a hippopotamus lazily gliding through the water, a spooked covey of bobwhite quail, a Carolina wren perched atop an ornate teacup, two horses battling over a stick and a lionfish swimming amongst colorful coral have in common?    Imagine one place where these and other compelling scenes are harmoniously combined together, represented in both flat and sculptural works of art.   That place becomes quite beautiful and intriguing, especially considering the works comprised are executed in mediums as diverse as the artists who create them.


The Gallery of Artists, a small collaborative group of award-winning wildlife artists, kick of their tour and sale at historic Woolaroc Museum in Bartlesville, Oklahoma on May 6-8. The show will be featured in what is known as the “Tapestry Room” in the museum, giving the viewing public the opportunity to view the old masterpieces that adorn the walls of Woolaroc in addition to this spectacular show of wildlife art.


The ten artists comprising The Gallery of Artists proudly apply the wealth of their talents, knowledge and passion for wildlife and nature by contributing a percentage of their proceeds to The Nature Conservancy, one of the leading conservation organizations in the world.   Artists will be on hand at the museum to discuss their works with guests and will offer live demonstrations in an effort to enrich the educational mission of the museum.


Fine art mediums represented in The Gallery of Artists each add a unique dimension to the group exhibit as a whole and are as distinct as the vision and expression of their individual works.   Oil, acrylic, stone, bronze, photography, pyrography, watercolor, etching and graphite pencil skillfully express these works of art that will be featured at the show.   Separately, each artist draws from personal experience to leave a distinctive imprint on each of his or her pieces.   The Gallery of Artists embodies over 150 collective years of creating nature and wildlife art that has graced numerous museums, galleries, exhibitions, businesses and homes all over the world.


“Artistic Diversity in Nature” will run at Woolaroc from May 6-8, 2011.   Woolaroc Museum, located on State Highway 123, is 12 miles southwest of Bartlesville and about one hour northwest of Tulsa.   Woolaroc, a 3,700 acres wildlife preserve, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Washington, D.C.   Created by Frank Phillips, the founder of Phillips Petroleum Company, Woolaroc was built in 1925 and has evolved over the years into a national treasure of wildlife, history and art.


For more information about Woolaroc and The Gallery of Artists, contact the Woolaroc office at 918-336-0307, ext. 10 or 11 or call toll free 888-966-5276, ext. 10 or 11.