Extensive research indicates that the two most famous Oklahoma music figures of
the 1930s and ’40s, Bob Wills and Woody Guthrie, never met.

But what if they had?

That’s the premise of Time Changes Everything, a one-act play by Thomas
Conner and John Wooley that makes its Woodward debut at the Woodward Arts Theatre,
818 Main St., on Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010. Catching the two musical giants on their way
up, and again after their respective careers have peaked, Time Changes Everything brings
to fascinating life the attitudes they held, especially when it comes to what their music
could – and should – do.

Brad Piccolo and John Cooper, of the trailblazing group the Red Dirt Rangers,
portray the two legends, and then join the rest of their band for a concert in the second
part of the evening. The long-lived Rangers are widely recognized as one of the first and
most influential acts in the musical movement known as Red Dirt, which blends the
happy abandon of Bob Wills’ music with the social consciousness of Woody Guthrie’s,
and the second half of the show is a joyous celebration of the songs of Guthrie, Wills, and
the Red Dirt style those two Oklahoma icons so strongly influenced.

Producer and co-author Wooley has written, co-written, or edited more than 20
books. He also penned the script for the made-for-TV movie Dan Turner, Hollywood
Detective (1990) and the play Café Purgatory, which later became an award-wining
independent film. He is the only writer to date to be inducted into the Muskogee-based
Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.

Like Wooley, Conner was a Tulsa World entertainment scribe for years, earning
several awards during that time, along with a grant to study Guthrie at Columbia
University. He is currently the rock music critic for the Chicago Sun-Times. He and
Wooley previously collaborated (with Mark Brown) on the book Forever Lounge
(Antique Trader Books, 1999).

The play is directed by well-known area theater veteran Vern Stefanic.
Time Changes Everything is set for Thursday, Nov. 11, at the Woodward Arts
Theatre. Curtain time is 7:30 p.m. For tickets please contact the Woodward Arts
Theatre, 580-256-7120 or watc@cebridge.net

(To schedule interviews or receive further information on Time Changes
Everything, please contact John Wooley, (918) 342-0339 or pedrocriqui@gmail.com)
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