Tulsa’s Rich Musical History Front and Center Thursday, March 15 at Tulsa Historical Society

Tulsa's musical claims to fame, beginning with western swing and how it was, for a time, eclipsed by rock
'n' roll and the guys who later formed the backbone of the Tulsa Sound will be shared Thursday, March
15 at a special Tulsa Historical Society program.

Those who contributed to the Tulsa Sound and folks like Steve Ripley, who had a foot in both the Tulsa Sound and Red Dirt camps, will be discussed. John Wooley, entertainment writer, radio and television music expert and a Class of 2003 Inductee into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame, will facilitate.

The Tulsa Historical Society and the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame are collaborating on this history and music project, which is called Admit One: A Tour of Music & History. It’s an ongoing Thursday night series in March music and history. The Thursday, March 15 performance starts at 6:30 pm.

"We are pleased to team up with the Tulsa Historical Society to marry music and history in an informative experience and discussion with patrons of the arts," said Penny Kampf, executive director of the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. "As Oklahomans, we share a rich culture of music and history and this special Admit One series will help to demonstrate just how closely linked the two are from a historical perspective."

The Tulsa Historical Society is located at 2445 S. Peoria. The event is free to students and members of
the Tulsa Historical Society or the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame or $5 for adults and $3 for seniors. For more information, 918-712-9484 or go to tulsahistory.org.


Maggie Brown
Tulsa Historical Society

Andrea Chancellor
Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame

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