BARTLESVILLE, OK – Price Tower Arts Center announces little time remains for those who have not yet visited the exhibition, Once Upon An Island: Twin Towers Rising. The photography show chronicles the construction of the World Trade Center on Manhattan Island during the late 1960s. The exhibition will close at 5 pm on Sunday, September 11, 2011.


“Our goal with this exhibition was not to mourn the destruction of what occurred a decade ago in New York City, but to instead celebrate the great achievement of art, architecture and design that was created through the towers,” said Timothy Boruff, executive director of Price Tower Arts Center.


The exhibition contains over 130 photographs taken by Dr. Richard Quinney, a sociologist who was working in New York. He snapped the pictures on walks around Manhattan for a photography class he was taking. 


“Construction of the World Trade Center was taking place in the larger contemporary context. Lyndon Johnson had been elected president in 1964 to deliver the programs of the Great Society and to solve or at least improve upon the nation’s problems of poverty, inequality, education and urban decay. Yet, the escalation of U.S. military intervention in southeast Asia caused cutbacks to domestic programs,” said Richard Quinney. “My self-proclaimed project was to document what could be seen as one world comes down and another goes up.”


Price Tower Arts Center is hosting a companion exhibition on the second level of its gallery tracing the construction of the Price Tower with photographs taken by Joe Price.


“We were so happy to have an opportunity to pair photographs of the construction of our tower with the pictures from New York. Quinney’s images display the fascination with the building project, one initially not fully endorsed by the general public. This exhibition gives visitors a real insight into the times and people who were involved with or affected by the project,” said Scott W. Perkins, curator of collections and exhibitions for Price Tower Arts Center.


Price Tower Arts Center will not be charging gallery admission on the final day of the exhibition to allow everyone the opportunity to remember the World Trade Center. The gallery will be open from 12 pm-5pm on September 11th. The museum is also open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am-5pm.


Once Upon An Island: Twin Towers Rising is sponsored by ConocoPhillips, Bank of Oklahoma and NewsTalk KRMG.

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