Oklahoma City - On Friday and Saturday, January 28 and 29, 2011, at 8:00 p.m. at the Civic Center Music Hall, the Oklahoma City Philharmonic welcomes bluegrass sensation Cherryholmes for their Oklahoma City debut.

The six members of this Grammy-nominated family band join the Orchestra to perform magnetic blends of bluegrass, Irish step-dancing, country yodeling, banjo and soulful gospel. With four albums under their belts, performances at the Grand Ole Opry, and harmonies the NY Times dubbed, 'molasses thick,' this is a performance right at home in Oklahoma. It's bluegrass on steroids.

Tickets are available online at www.okcphilharmonic.org; by calling the OKC PHIL ticket office at (405) TIC-KETS :: (405) 842-5387 or by visiting in person at 428 W. California, Suite 210, downtown Oklahoma City. Tickets are also available at the Civic Center Music Hall located at 201 N. Walker, Oklahoma City or by calling the Tulsa Performing Arts Center at 1-800-364-7111. Handling charges apply for all outlet sales.

With their roots based in bluegrass, Celtic, and jazz music, Cherryholmes has stormed to the top of the music world since winning the 2005 IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) Award for ntertainer of the Year.
Their self-titled debut album on Skaggs Family Records in 2006 received their first Grammy nomination for Best Bluegrass Album, and their second Grammy-nominated album 'Black And White' came in at No. 1 on Billboard's Bluegrass Album Chart. Cherryholmes' latest album, 'Don't Believe' garnered them their third and fourth Grammy nominations for Best Bluegrass Album, and crossed them over into the Best Country Instrumental Performance category for the track, 'Sumatra.'
They hit the stage with hard-driving instrumental virtuosity and explosive vocal harmonies, and feature various styles of original songs written by members of the band. Add their fluidity of instrumental movement and dance, and it's a look and sound that can only be described as 'Cherryholmes.'


CIA began the band on the guitar in 1999 at age 15, before switching to the banjo in 2000. She has a hard driving style that is all her own. With writing credits on nearly 75 percent of their album releases, Cia has proven to be a masterful and versatile songwriter. Her strong lead and harmony vocals on stage have also made her a sought after back up artist in the industry.
Fun fact: Cia's talents also lie with the clothing design and hand-crafted rhinestone work for the bands stage costumes. She loves cooking, and oriental art, and her favorite road food is cookies and milk.
B.J. began playing fiddle in 1999 at age 11 and has amazed all of those who have watched him over the years. His fiddling adds an excitement to the music not possible by most young musicians. B.J. is also a master at the mandolin, being featured on over half of the cuts of the latest release. B.J. is a featured lead and harmony vocalist, and is a masterful songwriter, lending his musical arrangement abilities to songs such as 'Sumatra' and 'Don't Believe'.
Fun fact: B.J. is responsible for the technical aspects of the band, is a sound 'guru', and is very proficient in the studio, having one in his own home. He enjoys sitting by the lake in a lawnchair.
SKIP began playing mandolin in the band in 1999 at age 9, before he was asked to take over on the guitar in 2000. In only a few months he was playing rhythm and flat-picking. Skip is a masterful arranger, and wows audiences with his guitar picking, singing, and showmanship. Skip is an excellent picker, but it is his aggressive rhythm style that characterizes the Cherryholmes ' drive and energy.
Fun Fact: Skip is responsible for the lighting design of the shows. He is usually found working on one of his computers, or loading a new app on his iphone. Oh, and he likes hot sauce!
MOLLY began playing in 1999 at age 6. This left-handed fiddler's aggressive style and song writing abilities amaze all who see her. Debuting on the Grand Ole Opry at age 7, Molly has a beautiful voice and adds her lead and harmony vocals to Cherryholmes' versatile vocal structure. Her styles vary from Celtic to jazz, and R&B to blues, and it reflects in her songwriting. To her list of credits is laying 15 tracks of Cello on a new upcoming project produced by Bill Gaither and Ben Isaacs.
Fun Fact: Molly enjoys running, plays piano, and is interested in writing and scoring movie sound tracks. She is also obsessed with strawberry-kiwi Gatorade, and likes German-chocolate cake!
Sandy plays a hard-hitting mandolin style and driving rhythm that keep the band's momentum going. For special numbers, she switches to the clawhammer banjo. From hard hitting bluegrass gospel to old-time mountain and country tunes, she does it all. Her yodeling, and her step dancing are real crowd pleasers. Sandy is also a great harmony singer and proficient song writer, and enjoys writing gospel music.
Fun Fact: Sandy wants to be the world's oldest step dancer - not having begun her career until age 42. If she could only find some orthopedic tap shoes.....
Jere plays the upright bass-hard and fast, sensitive and smooth, while singing lead with a 'rough around the edges' old country style. Jere's hard driving style has established him as being the 'backbone' of the sound of the band.
Fun Fact: Jere enjoys shooting archery for hours, and dreams of someday going on safari. And he is the group's only bus driver.....Yeah, he's a man's man.....

Media Contact: Michelle Winters
mwinters@okcphilharmonic.org; (405) 842-5387