To make up for the weather related cancellation of our Stories from the Elders program originally scheduled for February 9th, Washita Battlefield National Historic Site has rescheduled the program for Wednesday, March 9th from 3:30 until 5:00.


We invite all kids and their parents to come out to the park; have something really good to eat and drink and then join rangers around our campfire and listen to some stories. One story in particular is how Raccoon’s Children and Little Coyote worked together to solve a difficult dilemma.


After the story-telling, we’ll show you how to make your own Warrior shield. See you soon! 


* * *


Washita Battlefield National Historic Site protects and interprets the setting along the Washita River where Lt. Col. George A. Custer led the 7th U.S. Cavalry on a surprise dawn attack against the Southern Cheyenne village of Peace Chief Black Kettle on November 27, 1868. The attack was an important event in the tragic clash of cultures of the Indian Wars era. The site is located in western Oklahoma near the town of Cheyenne, halfway between Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Amarillo, Texas. The park’s new visitor center is located one mile west of Cheyenne on Highway 47A. For more information, call 580-497-2742 or check





Contact:  Kathryn Harrison at 580-497-2742

Date:  February 23, 2011