After many years of waiting, Woolaroc is pleased to announce that their new line of Woolaroc “branded” food items is now available to the general public.   The first item,Woolaroc’s own “Eagle Chief Barbeque Sauce”, hit the Museum Store last week and it is also available on the Woolaroc webstore ( .   The legend of the sauce (according to the label) says Uncle Frank’s annual Cow Thieves and Outlaws reunions featured the best of the best-barbeque, Indian dances and tall tales.   It was a day of celebration and peace as lawmen and utlaws checked their guns at the gate to enjoy Uncle Frank’s delicious barbequed buffalo.   His sauce was a standout and has been passed on for generations to enjoy.   According to Woolaroc CEO Bob Fraser, “our Legends barbeque sauce is one of many items that we will soon be selling to the public…other items soon to be released are Woolaroc coffee, honey and jellies.   For years our guests have asked us to start making such items available and we are thrilled to be launching this new (yet old!) brand to the public.”    The Legends Barbeque Sauce sells for $5 per bottle.