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October 2011

See 4 Million Lights!


It’s time again for Yukon’s breathtaking “Christmas in the Park” magical wonderland of visual entertainment that is offered from 6 to 11 p.m. every night from Saturday, November 19 through New Year’s Eve. Admission is free.


Christmas in the Park showcases three interconnecting city parks that total 100 acres which are lavishly decorated top to bottom. Motorists drive along nearly three miles of illuminated paths where they can view four million twinkling lights and 360 one of a kind light displays that change every few feet. Cars and tour buses are welcome. Many people enjoy taking a leisurely self guided tour along the 2.2 miles of walking trails. 


Horse drawn carriage rides through Yukon City Park are available from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Nov. 19 and will resume on Nov. 25 from 6 to 10 p.m. every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights for $5 per person. The carriage rides begin in front of the Yukon Community Center, 2200 S Holly.  Rides on the Santa Express Train will be offered every night from 6 to 10 p.m., weather permitting. Tickets are $2 per person at the train depot located inside Chisholm Trail Park, 500 W Vandament. Children under three can ride the train for free.  


The Central Oklahoma Frontier Country Marketing Association recently named Christmas in the Park as the “Event of the Year” and saluted its 15th year anniversary. Southern Living magazine listed Christmas in the Park in its December 2010 issue.


Christmas in the Park is located just minutes from Oklahoma City on I-40 west and is easily seen from the interstate. Take Exit 137, go west on NW 10th Street to Holly and turn right. As you go west on Holly, you will quickly see the first park entrance at Yukon City Park, 2200 S Holly.


Each park offers unique displays that collectively create an amazing holiday wonderland. There is a spectacular display easily viewed from I-40, which reads “Season’s Greetings from the City of Yukon.” It is 31 feet tall and 99 feet wide. Elsewhere, there is a giant guitar that is 11 feet tall and 15 feet wide, nutcrackers playing musical instruments, 7 foot tall swans and a multitude of other decorations many featuring sound and movement.


Yukon City Park’s familiar 55 foot Colossal Christmas Tree, just west of the Yukon Community Center, 2200 S Holly, is receiving an energy efficient makeover this year. Its incandescent bulbs are being replaced by 63,000 LED lights which will change colors from red, green and blue.    Other lights throughout the parks are being replaced with LED lights so that the event becomes more energy efficient overall.


Several new lighted displays can be seen near Jim Watson Drive, which is the main entrance to Yukon City Park. They include an Elf Repair Shop and a display featuring three mice holding a candy cane, an ornament and a package. Three children surrounding a Christmas tree silhouette are also new.


Motorists can view the largest display of the tour while in Yukon City Park, or at Freedom Trail Playground. It is “Santa’s Oasis”, which measures 32 feet tall  and is 207 feet long. It depicts Santa relaxing during summer vacation. It is located along the shore line of Mulvey Pond and the lights reflect beautifully off the water.


The tour continues at Freedom Trail Playground, 2101 S Holly, which is directly north of Yukon City Park. From there, go further north a few blocks to Vandament, turn right and you will see Chisholm Trail Park’s entrance at 500 W Vandament


Chisholm Trail Park features impressive displays which have computer animated lights synchronized to Christmas music broadcasted over car radios. Vehicles can park in designated areas, tune their car radio to the short range broadcast station posted and enjoy the beautiful lights pulsating to various holiday songs.


One of the most popular displays is the OG&E Dancing Christmas Tree. It has over 77,000 lights that are computer animated and synchronized to music. The display has outdoor speakers and motorists may park their vehicles and tune their car radio to an FM short range broadcast.  The tree lights dance to holiday music that changes every night. It is 34 feet tall with a 28 foot wide base.


In keeping with the Chisholm Trail theme, a new western scene will be added this year which includes a covered wagon, running bull and a roping cowboy. A new Native American scene will feature a teepee, fire with logs and a horse. These lighted displays will be placed at the east side of the Chisholm Trail Park entrance. 


“Santa’s Workshop” is a popular display, which features Santa’s busy helpers building gifts and loading his sleigh is also located in Chisholm Trail Park. It is 30 feet tall by 150 feet wide and has 7,000 lights.  


The little ones will enjoy a new dinosaur scene that will be set up along Holly, just south of the Freedom Trail Playground. It includes a dinosaur train, dinosaur sailors, a dinosaur decorating a Christmas tree, a waving dinosaur and three palm trees.   


Intermingled with many other displays in Freedom Trail Playground are 18 quaint village houses with glass fronts and sides that feature a variety of Christmas themes. Two of the whimsical houses will be improved this year with the addition of a cow, a joyful pig and a penguin.


This year’s attendance is expected to surpass the 65,000 vehicles recorded in 2010.   Various characters in Christmas costumes are usually located at Chisholm Trail Park and are happy to pose for photos. Donations are merrily accepted at the exits which help fund the event.


For more information about the City of Yukon’s Christmas events, visit or call 354-8442 or 350-8937. Information is also available on local Cox Channel 20. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.