American Indian Culture

Oklahoma has been home to 67 American Indian tribes. Learn about these native cultures at Oklahoma's museums, heritage centers and events that help celebrate and maintain Oklahoma's unique Native American heritage. Share in the sacred traditions of Oklahoma's American Indian tribes by attending an authentic celebration or powwow. Feel the rhythm of powwow drums, become awed by amazingly detailed native regalia and be swept away by American Indian fancy or jingle-dress dancing.

In Oklahoma, there are many opportunities to immerse yourself in tribal history, songs, art and culture. Attend the Oklahoma Indian Nation Powwow, held each summer in Concho, to witness tribes from across North America take part in a breathtaking, elite dance demonstrations and exhibit works from today's most celebrated Native American artists. Explore the history of the Five Civilized Tribes who were relocated to Indian Territory, or discover the culture of the American Indian tribes at the one-of-a-kind First Americans Museum in Oklahoma City.

Order our free guide to Oklahoma's Indian Country to discover the top American Indian attractions and learn about the state's tribes. Travel to Oklahoma to experience the richness of American Indian culture firsthand.

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