You're a Family-Oriented Red Dirt Jammer!

You value independence, ambition and a clear-cut good time. You’re a family that loves to play – you chase fun like it’s the last French fry in the bag. Not the kind to meekly test the waters, you dive in headfirst and wouldn’t dream of wasting valuable time on anything that doesn’t guarantee smiles and shouts of joy. Sporty and playful, your family isn’t afraid to get active and challenge each other to a little friendly competition. Live it up and prepare to be wowed. Oklahoma will make your family feel alive.

Hold on and fly high at Frontier City, Oklahoma’s largest amusement park. Score high on the thrill meter and brace yourself for breathtaking loops on the park’s many roller coasters, or take a breather atop the towering Ferris wheel. Either way, this Oklahoma City attraction will give your family a healthy surge of adrenaline and put your nerves to the test.  Step into an invigorating water paradise at nearby White Water Bay and enjoy 25 acres of action-packed water thrill rides, slides and amusements. Show off your fearless reputation and challenge the Mega-Wedgie - a 277-foot-long slide that will plunge you into a spine-tingling 64-foot free fall. Also, check out Safati Joe's H2O Water Park in Tulsa and dive into the rolling waves of the Motion Ocean or test your supreme body surfing skills in the wave pool!

Seek out adventure and tap into the untamed at the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden. Your family’s curious nature will flourish while wandering through this 110-acre park. View over 2,500 animals in native environments and make sure to let the kids lead the way. Get up close and personal with troops of gorillas, as well as lions, tigers, snow leopards and more! A day at the zoo too domesticated for your inner daredevil? Hop on board a Safari Bus or put your own vehicle on the line and head down to Arbuckle Wilderness in Davis. Located in the beautiful Arbuckle Mountains, this 400-acre park does away with the cages and lets hundreds of rare and exotic animals roam free and approach your car to be fed. Warm up with llamas and camels, and then face your fears as you hand feed bison, yaks and ostriches. Drive through the park and surrender to a daring adventure you won’t soon forget.  

As a Red Dirt Jammer family, you love the exhilaration of stomach-dropping action. Feel the sand crash against your goggles and the rush of victory as you barrel over sand dunes at Little Sahara State Park of Waynoka. With 1,600 acres of rideable sand dunes ranging in height from 25 to 75 feet, this park is a paradise for those itching to take flight across the dunes in an ATV or dune buggy. No vehicle? No problem. Stop by Stewart's Sandsports & ATV Rentals just outside the park and rent them. Also, check out Beaver Dunes Park in the panhandle and put yourself to the test on its 300 acres of dunes and sand hills. Cool off, brush the sand from your eyes and head on down to Lake Murray, located just a few miles south of Ardmore. Sign your family up for some rip-roaring water-based fun on the lake’s 67 miles of shoreline or enjoy the pristine view from Tucker Tower. At Lake Murray Water Sports & Mini-Golf, kick back on a paddleboat, canoe or water bike as you watch the kids soar on the huge water trampoline or fly down the water slide into the lake below. With a lighted 18 hole miniature golf course and a fleet of wave runners, this Lake Murray attraction will ensure that your family will have an excellent time. So hop in the water, strap on some water skis and let the surf take you away. 

For the very youngest adrenaline enthusiasts, Kiddie Park in Bartlesville is just the ticket for summer fun. Indoctrinate the tots with rides that are wild enough to make the pulse race but mild enough for them to enjoy. And best of all, each ride is only 25 cents.

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