Cushing Aquatic Center

Cushing Aquatic Center 519 S Little
Cushing, OK 74023

Phone: 918-223-2918

The Cushing Aquatic Center is completely handicapped accessible and features two large water slides, two drop slides, a diving board, four swimming lanes, zero beach entry, separate child wading pool with frog slide, bubblers, fountains and a sand play area. Facilities also include a full bathhouse, concessions and two volleyball courts. Certain height and swimming ability restrictions may apply. No refunds. 

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  • Facility Amenities: Handicapped Parking, Open Seasonally

  • Group Amenities: Advance Group Reservations Required, Seating Capacity: 463

  • Suitable for Ages: Adults (18+), Children (up to 12), Teens (13-18)

Open daily from 1-5:45pm. Opens for the season on Memorial Day.

Twilight Swim 6:30-8:30pm, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday only.

Please call ahead to confirm.

Day Swim:

Adults (7 years and older) $3.75

Children (6 years and younger) $2.50

Twilight Swim:

Adults (7 years and older) $2

Children (6 years and younger) $1.25

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the pricing listed above, prices are subject to change without notice.

Primary Contacts:

Shane Johnson

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From Staff on 02/03/16

Kerri, for that information your best bet is to call the Cushing Aquatic Center directly at 918-223-2918. Thank you for using!

From Kerri jacobs on 02/03/16

hello, I was wondering if you have any programs set up for foster children and their foster families? Any free or discounted tickets? We are looking for things to do with our children that they may of not gotten to do before coming into foster care.. Could we maybe reserve a day this summer for foster families and children? Please let me know THanks

From J.K. on 07/06/15

It sure would be nice if there phone line had at least an automated recording of prices and hours of operation AND an official website for their business. I live an hour from there and would like to be able to plan a trip with the kiddos without waiting for them to open!

From Staff on 06/22/15

Kasey, we're sorry you were unable to reach anyone. Please make sure you're calling between 1-5:45pm, as those are the pool hours. The only contact number we have is 918-223-2918, so if that still doesn't work for you, please contact the city manager using the orange website button at the top of this page. Thank you for using!

From kasey on 06/22/15

I've tried to call but nobody would answer

From Staff on 06/10/15

Rhonda, we're sorry to hear about the umbrella. To ensure that the Cushing Aquatic Center receives your comment, please call them at 918-223-2918. Thank you for using!

From Rhonda on 06/09/15

Was there today with granddaughters, was sitting at table with umbrella when the wind caught it and blew it up out of hole, also table next to us...why don't you have them bolted with a tightening bolt so you can remove them when needed...I did hurt my neck ducking as I've had neck surgery 4mos only complaint...your life guards did great as far as I could see...facility was clean & friendly...would give 5 stars if umbrellas we fastened to tables.

From Staff on 05/06/15

Amanda, for that information please call the Cushing Aquatic Center at the number listed at the top of this page. Have a great day and thank you for using!

From Amanda Allen on 05/06/15

I am needing to see how much it is to rent the pool in June for my daughter's birthday party? Thank you

From Staff on 08/28/14

Joel, please call the Cushing Aquatic Center at the number listed at the top of this page. Have a great day and thank you for using!

From Joel Queen on 08/28/14

Who can I get in contact with to get some info about the waterpark?

From marissa on 06/21/14


From Staff on 06/05/14

Mike, you can see that information by clicking on the pricing tab above. If you have any questions, please call 918-223-2918. Have a great day and thank you for using!

From mike on 06/04/14

what is the daily cost to get in i looked at your web site did not find please let me know thank you

From Staff on 08/21/13

Rachelle, please give the Cushing Aquatic Center a call at 918-223-2918, and they will be able to answer your question. Best wishes and thank you for using!

From Rachelle Kreps on 08/21/13

So will it just be open on Saturday and Sunday or is it open Friday nights too?

From Brenda on 08/10/13

The pool will close on Aug 14 th 2013 but will still open on weekends until Aug 31st. I am thankful to have the pool so close to enjoy. We moved here from rural Tennesse and had to drive 45 miles to the nearest pool. Love living in Cushing.

From rik on 07/16/13

We enjoy this park. Has something for all ages. We drive 30 min to come and its affordable especially twilight. We enjoy the music, at fiest I thought it may be unsafe with the loud music, but they have grwat lifeguards so it just makes the environment better. We recommend...

From talli on 07/13/13

Another thing, the music was so loud you couldn't hear anyone scream for help if they needed it. There were plenty of life guards though.

From talli on 07/13/13

Went to the aquatic center last Tuesday, 9th. First time there. It was roped off into so many sections that you couldn't swim. All you could do was stand around and try to stay cool. The only things the kids liked was the slides. Also the lockers don't work so had to leave our things laying around and it said not to, so what do you do. Won't come again.

From jayne on 07/02/13

Have taken my grand-kids here many summer's we love the place!!....Love how it has the zero beach entry just right for the little ones to enjoy the larger pool with their older siblings without being stuck in the kiddie pool all day.

From Alley on 09/03/12

I am thoroughly upset! Your website says you are open THROUGH Labor day! It is labor day and you are closed!!! Wasted over an over driving! Thank you!

From lexea mcclendon on 07/03/12

i love the cu

From melissa on 06/23/12

I just came from this pool,I am new to the area and loved the pool layout. The lifeguards were very attentive to their surrounding areas.That is the main thing I look at when I take my children swimming because kids will be kids every person with children would know this. It is a relief to know that you are somewhere that the staff are actually doing the job they applied for.Lifeguards are not babysitters,but they are there to watch over things and ensure safety of the ones that choose to enter that facility and respond in a manner that can prevent a situation that could possibly turn deadly.

From Joy on 06/18/12

Just an FYI. They only have night swim, they call it twilight swimming, on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday evenings.

From Staff on 06/18/12

Momoftwoboys, we contacted the aquatic center and posted the admission prices above. For more fun things to do when you visit the Cushing area, please visit our Cities & Regions section and select the northeastern region of Oklahoma. There you'll find attractions, dining and events for that area of the state. We hope you have a great time in Oklahoma and thank you for using

From Momoftwoboys on 06/18/12

I would also love to know the fees. My husband is in Cushing working and mine son and I will be coming to visit him this weekend and are looking for things to do while in the area. I have called the number listed above multiple times and have yet to get my phone call answered. Are there any other fun things to do around the area? My son is 15.

From Staff on 06/01/12

Julie, please call the Cushing Aquatic Center using the contact information above for admission prices. Have a great time and thank you for using

From Julie on 06/01/12

What are the admission fees?

From Melanie Henley on 04/05/12

I was just looking in to when the park will be open and was amazed about the comments of rudeness. I ahve never had a bad experience. We have used it to take our Sunday School class and for other groups several times and have been pleased every visit. Working in a public place myself I know it is not always easy to maintain a positive attitude, but I have never experienced anything less.

From julie on 08/19/11

my kids love this place. Be aware that it is NOT open through Labor Day! We have been disappointed two years in a row by that statement! This year they closed on August 14

From ChristyS on 08/01/11

My son has been to this park twice with the YMCA this summer and once with me. I don't know why everone is saying that the staff is rude. They were very nice the time I went. Besides, if they yell at your child for doing something unsafe, that's a good thing as far as I'm concerned. My son loves this park so much, that we're going back tomorrow one last time before school starts and bringing his cousins along too! We live an hour away and make the drive because it's a fun trip, it's reasonably priced and I think that the lifeguards and staff are super nice !

From vic on 08/01/11

we have been to the water park several times and love it...the kids love it and it is always packed...but, I have to agree with other comments, the staff is not very friendly...they have too many young kids running things...a little customer service training might be a good idea

From Ish Engle on 07/13/11

Great park, great staff. Always enjoy it here.

From Momof3 on 07/10/11

I have never had anything but good experiences here, and I've heard the same from almost everyone. The staff is very attentive to safety, and that's my main priority when they are helping to ensure my children stay safe. If that makes them a little less than friendly, I prefer attention to safety. Very clean, lots to do, with a special area for small kids, beach-type entry where you can pull a lounge chair in to cool off and relax, reasonable concessions and unbelievably reasonable entry fees. Love it.

From Slim on 07/09/11

I read the posts about the rude staff prior to visiting. I have to say as a past lifeguard that they were very professional and patient. They worked a busy shift and kept everything running smooth and safe. Maybe as parents we should assume some responsability for our childrens behavior when in a public place. Just a thought.

From boysmom on 07/06/11

All the comments on the rude staff disturbs me. Has anyone talked to the management about this? If an employee yelled at one of my kids, I would definitely go to mangement and take my child with me so he could see her reaction to being yelled at. I haven't been to the park this year...yet, but am planning on going soon. I hope this problem has been resolved before I get there!

From Dawn on 07/05/11

I can't stand how you can call for days and it will either ring or be busy. I know how it works too, after I had my kid in swimming lessons and the staff stands in the office complaining about how much the phone rings. You are on the clock, answer the phone. If your not going to answer, put an answering machine with the pool hours, swimming lessons, etc... On there! My goodness!

From jeff on 06/25/11

Sooooo, the staff does a wonderful and spectacular job! Especially when it comes to the aaaalllll day business of putting up with the general public, and maintaining a safe, fun, and exciting water park...glad I took my kido's to this place, they loved it!!!

From jeff on 06/24/11

well, after reading about the staff I dont want to take my 3yr. old to this place, but I will take one know what they say do something good and a person will tell three people, but do something bad and a person will tell over 100 people.

From Jenny on 06/22/11

We are planning a trip there this week. We haven't been in a couple of years, but we loved it when we went there before. Hopefully the staff is not as bad as the comments.

From Staff on 06/20/11

Danelia, please contact the aquatic center directly for facility rental information. Hope you have a wonderful party and thank you for using

From danelia on 06/17/11

can you rent for parties for little kids

From C Cameron on 06/09/11

Please put a photo of the pool on this site !

From erin on 06/04/11

well, i was a guard there 2 summers in a row when i was in HS and i recently went and the staff yells at the kids and they are very stuck up and hateful, i was shocked, we were not allowed to treat our customers that way but a differnet person ran it then so i dont jnow who runs it now, my daughter was walking fast, she is 3 by the way and a guard turned around blew her whistle as hard as she could and yelled DO NOT RUN! and she cried. i was very upset and mad so we just left...

From Morgan on 06/03/11

Love this water park for family! Safe place I think, not a fan of the staff. Very hateful

From Shelly on 05/30/11

Love this water park! Completely family friendly and the staff is wonderful.

From Marsha on 05/30/11

Only been to this place once and all I have to say is the staff is very unfriendly! The place is great aside from the staff.

From alexis on 05/22/11

i have only been to this place once but im hopefully going there very soon cant wait! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

From tracy on 08/02/10

Love the pool!!!! 95% of the staff is very very unfriendly!!!!

From Angie7605 on 07/31/10

This place is awesome!!! We love it

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