Spook Light

Spook Light Spook Light Rd
Peoria, OK 74363

Phone: 918-542-4481

For years, a heavily wooded road near Peoria has attracted attention for all the wrong reasons. This stretch of road is known for what many believe to be paranormal activity called the Spook Light. This mysterious phenomenon has attracted curious people for years who head into this haunting stretch of road to see floating orbs of lights. 

Some attribute the scary lights to aliens while others say the hair-raising mystery lights must be caused by a haunted spirit in the area. Either way, a trip down what locals call Spook Light Road will likely be a bone-chilling experience as you ...

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From Miami, take Hwy 10 E 14 miles and turn left on S 705 Rd. Then, turn left on E 94 Rd, right on S 700 Rd, right on E 73 Rd, left on S 705 Rd and left on E 50 Rd. This four-mile stretch of E 50 Rd is called Spook Light Rd.

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From Crystal Marshall on 10/12/14

This doesn't look like the stretch of road I grew up calling Spook Light Road. The place I always seen it as a kid was along a creek that was on indian land and it is private property. We also spread my mothers' ashes in this creek. It was so beautiful and serene. We always swam in this creek as kids. My mother knew the lady that owned the property. You can still find arrowheads along this creek.

From Kay Ellison on 10/01/14

I saw the spook light many years ago. It was during the 1977-78 school term at NEO. Some friends and I went out looking for them late one night. We had been waiting on a dark, scary old road for quite some time, when a light appeared in front of the car. It came up to within 20 feet of the car, about a dozen feet above the ground. It just hung there in the air glowing for a few minutes, then it began to swirl a bit and then split into two lights. They still just seemed to hang in the air, when we decided we were through watching and left the area. As we were leaving, little puffs of light seemed to pop out on a couple of treetops following us down the road. We left faster. I know what you are thinking, NEO, out looking for the spook light, probably drunk. You would be wrong. I was there with friends from the Baptist Student Union, we didn't drink.

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