Heavener Runestone Park

Heavener Runestone Park 18365 Runestone Rd
Heavener, OK 74937

Phone: 918-653-2241

Heavener Runestone Park is a day-use only park offering group shelters for picnics, picnic tables, outdoor grills, comfort stations, amphitheater, playground, hiking, and educational programs about the Runestone. The park offers a park office, gift shop and interpretative center with educational information.

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  • Facility Amenities: Amphitheater, Campsites, Concessions, Credit Cards Accepted, Gift Shop, Grills, Handicapped Parking, Lodging On Site, Meeting Space Available, Pets Allowed, Picnic Area, Playground, Restrooms

  • General Information: Free admission

  • Group Amenities: Accommodates Tour Groups, Advance Group Reservations Required, Bus/Motorcoach Parking

  • On-site Activities: Hiking, Rock Climbing/Rappelling

  • Suitable for Ages: Adults (18+), Children (up to 12), Teens (13-18)

  • Tour Information: Customized tours, Group Tours, Guided Tours, Self-guided tours





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8:00 pm

Park manager on premises; after hours service available.

Admission is free, but donations are appreciated.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the pricing listed above, prices are subject to change without notice.

Located 2.5 miles north on Hwy 59 at Hwy 270 junction.

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Erin Bruesch

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From TravelOK.com Staff on 12/13/16

Chris, there is still a Viking Festival, but we have not received the 2017 dates as of yet. As soon as that information is received, it will be added to this page: http://www.travelok.com/listings/view.profile/id.20827. Thank you for using TravelOK.com!

From Chris Conway on 12/11/16

Is there still a Viking festival? If so, when is it?

From owner on 11/08/16

Yes, the park is open 7 days a week from 8am until dusk, year-round. Our park map is posted here on this site. We hope to see you in December.

From Bo on 11/07/16

Will this park be open December 20th, 2016? We are trying to plan a trip and come through there to hike and see the sights...

From owner on 05/17/16

Amber, I'm sorry that we missed you. I was out with my family on Mother's Day. I hope you enjoyed the park enough to return.

From Amber Meggitt on 05/16/16

This place is Georges! We really enjoyed hiking around and checking out the whole area. However we were very disappointed that the gift shop never opened they were suppose to open from 1 to 5. We checked back all through the day and no one ever showed up. We really wanted a tail map to carry with us. And we always buy something from the areas we hike. So this is one that we'll be missing a part of our collection from.

From Carl J Green on 09/12/15

To Phil Hendrie , absence of proof is not proof of absence.

From Sherry Duvall on 04/17/15

Lived in OK all my life and never heard about it, can't wait to see it, thanks poster!!

From Phil Hendrie on 02/14/15

The runestones are hoaxes, created in the 19th century. There has been no proof of Viking incursion into Oklahoma

From Michelle on 11/04/14

Michael Stone- did you finish and publish your book about Runestones around the world?

From Patricia Lane on 05/17/14

I have been here several times and love the primitive feel as you walk around. You hear water dripping and I can imagine a time so many years ago. The Runestone Park was voted as a state park due to my relative Gloria Farley who spent her adult life in exploration.

From Rollie Hunt on 04/08/14

A very intetresting area. I thoroughly enjoyed the historical aspect of the stone and information given by the people at the park office. I spent the entire day there walking, exploring and debating what this all means. This location has plenty left to be discovered. My son and I were lucky enough to have possibly located another smaller runestone near the large runestone monolith. It has what appears to be a Berkano symbol. Hopefully, it is confirmed to be an actual runestone. Again, I had an adventure that I will always remember. Thanks for the great park and keeping this runestone available to anyone who has any appreciation for a truly historical adventure Sincerely, Rollie H. Hunt

From Carol Richards on 11/23/13

Beautiful park. However the attendant stated something about Easter island being in the Atlantic..its in the Pacific...

From TravelOK.com Staff on 10/10/13

Jeffrey, Heavener Runestone Park has not been affected by the government shutdown. They are actually having their annual Viking & Celtic Festival this weekend if you're interested. If you have any questions, please call 918-653-2241 or visit their Facebook page using the icon on the right side of this screen. Have a great day and thank you for using TravelOK.com!

From Jeffrey P. Kitchin on 10/09/13

I do want to know if our Feds have shut the gates at your Privately funded park has it's gate Shut due to this Gov. Shut Down? If so Where do they get the right to do so. since they have stop funding to this Beautiful Place in the World.

From jujedrufyfu on 05/07/13

our class is on a trip there

From Briana on 04/22/13

As sad as it is to hear that this is no longer a State funded park, I am actually glad this is happening. It seems like the beautiful parks in the US never get enough funding to be able to maintain themselves or make the necessary changes to encourage people to take care of them. I visited Heavener Runestone Park this past weekend, and it was fantastic! The park itself was clean and well kept and the scenery was absolutely stunning. Love it!

From Marty and Lori Angus on 03/22/13

Runestone park is Amazing however do not stay at the Green Country Inn a very mediocre experience, we returned home to find a $25.00 pet fee charged to our bank card. IF we had a pet, we could understand. However, there was no pet there. I called to politely handle this situation as an obvious misunderstanding and was met with hostility and then being called a liar. The manager with whom I spoke then informed Me that he had no way of getting in touch with the owner of the Inn. He then went on to tell me that when the room was cleaned, there were hairs found in the room by the cleaners. After telling him several times that we have no pet that travels with us, he told us HE was the one who cleaned the room and not only found the hairs, but actually had seen My wife and daughter taking a dog into the room. He could not however describe the dog, nor my wife and daughter and then promptly hung up on me. IF you ever have the misfortune of staying here PLEASE check your bank account a few days after returning home for any spurious charges. This review WILL be posted on every Heavener site I can find as well as the Better Business Bureau, The Heavener Police for Theft and Improper use of a Bank Account.

From Traci Barnes on 02/06/13

one of the most beautiful places in the world

From Robert Carter on 09/09/12

loved the whole area. makes me think and ask questions . have no doubt Vikings could sail up the Arkansas but not sure why they would settle so far from the river. amazing sight though. well worth seeing

From Jerry Anderson on 07/22/12

We were so enthralled by the beauty of the area and spent about two hours visiting with the very knowledgable staff. My whole family enjoyed the park immensely. We have already planned our return trip in September for the Thor Run. We can't wait!

From Arild Mellembakken on 07/08/12

I am pleased to read that this awesome Viking park is not closing. Too important for the Scandinavian heritage and looking at the broad picture, it's no doubt the Vikings were there.

From I.Desire on 04/04/12

I would sincerely like to talk to Michael Stone who left a note earlier on this board. If anyone could forward my e-mail address to him I would sincerely appreciate it. I am extremely interested in what he has to say.

From Traci Barnes on 07/24/11

FRIENDS OF HEAVENER RUNESTONE LLC are working with the City of Heavener which took the park over July 1, 2011. The park remains with free admission. the gift shop is closed on tuesday and wednesday but the park remains open every day. COME VISIT THE HEAVENER RUNESTONE PARK AND HISTORICAL SITE

From Lou on 06/24/11

Just went to Runestone park today and loved it! The lady in the giftshop told us that the town of Heavener is taking over the park on July 1st. So it won't be shutting down. Make sure you have cash on you though. The credit card machine doesn't work sometimes.

From Joy on 06/23/11

I wish they weren't going to close the park. I've been twice to enjoy the runestone and walk the trails and am going again before it shuts down in August. It's so interesting to wonder what it actually says. I don't think anyone will ever find an exact translation. Maybe someday, but I think it will always be a mystery.

From TRACI BARNES on 06/23/11

love the views and the history def one of the places I tell people not to miss when in Eastern Oklahoma

From michael stone on 06/19/11

Greetings. Another theory, another theorist. Lee Woodward does it correct saying it is a puzzle, a cryptogram. It fits what I call Hebrew Masonic sequencing, exactly. Woodward puzzles over the second and eighth Runes they seem backwards is also correct. Some Runes were actually created thinking in a 3 deminsional context. The N of Elder Futhark is actually an example. I am now in the process of writing an 800 page book, on Runes around the World, taking till September, 21st at latest. That backwards theory of his is correct. The last letter as an L, sometimes is drawn in the original Hebrew design. I will drop down some time later this summer. Anyway, if curious I can explain more.

From traci barnes on 03/13/11

the runestone will remain open

From Samantha Pinnell on 03/10/11

Poteau loves the Runestone, PLEASE don't close it!!! We have very few attractions and this is a big one!!

From traci barnes on 03/04/11

great attraction for eastern oklahoma

From Robert Shatlain on 02/01/11

I am a Viking by Blood and these are Scandinavian

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