The Great Seminole Nation of Oklahoma

The Great Seminole Nation of Oklahoma 36645 Hwy 270
Wewoka, OK 74884

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The Seminole, one of the five civilized tribes, were originally part of the Creek, a loose confederacy of ethnic groups and tribes in southern Georgia, northern Florida and Alabama. During the late 18th century some Lower Creek villages cut ties with their neighbors and moved south into northern Florida where they became known as Seminole, perhaps derived from "cimarron," the Spanish term for runaway.

By the 19th century encroachment on Seminole lands and continuous harassment by Euro-Americans led to the tribe being designated for removal. The Seminole resisted removal during the Seminole Wars (1817-18, 1835-42, and 1855-58) and although they were not conquered, thousands moved west in their aftermaths. The first group of Seminole arrived in Oklahoma in 1836 and by 1839 most had been relocated west. A minority of the Seminole (between 350 and 500) remained in Florida and eventually formed the separate Seminole Nation of Florida in 1957.

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