The Riding Stables

The Riding Stables 7900 SE 104th
Oklahoma City, OK 73165

Phone: 405-794-8850
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The Riding Stables in Oklahoma City offers 6,000 acres of scenic land to explore around Lake Stanley Draper. One and two hour guided or non-guided horseback rides are available for all skill levels. The Riding Stables has approximately 37 horses on hand for visitors. This family-oriented attraction also boasts a park area and pavilion. Riding lessons are available.

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  • Highway Corridors (within 5 mi.): I-40

  • On-site Activities: Horseback Riding

Closed Mondays. Last ride goes out at 6:30pm.

Two hour rides: $25 per person.

Children (4 & under): $10-$15.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the pricing listed above, prices are subject to change without notice.

Located at Lake Stanley Draper.

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From Tim on 07/12/15

Had a great ride! Showed up a little early before our time. The horses were saddled and ready. Not so much the guides and workers. Watched as they finished setting up and getting ready. These employees are NOT in the entertainment business. They are there to take care of the horses. The horses are trail horses. They were in great spirits and did NOT look miss treated or neglected. The horses were matched by riding experience and temperament. Six riders and our guide set off for the 1 1/2 hour trail ride. These horses are out on the trail for 10 to 12 hours a day because that is what they have been trained for. They all know the way and seemed to accept the reigns and guiding very well. We ALL, horses and riders, had a great ride. Had one horse with an attitude, that kicked the guides horse. She was not happy but the response was appropriate. Weather was warm for a 10am ride but was not hot. Plenty of breeze and riding near the lake helped keep it cooler. My wife, who had never been on a horse, was nervous at first but settled in really well with a very gentle horse. We will be returning. P.S. We finished our ride and went to find apples and pears to treat the horses for a wonderful ride. The staff appreciated this.

From Wendy on 07/10/15

We had a great time! These horses are trail horses, and they each have a unique personality. The staff did an excellent job of matching horses with the riders based on experience. I will definitely come back whenever I'm in Oklahoma again.

From Monika on 05/10/15

Went there a few years ago and the place was terrible...horses were not taking care of. Would like to find a decent place in the OKC area to take the family...any suggestions?

From HorseLover on 04/16/15

Is There Any RECENT Reviews On This Place?

From Staff on 03/30/15

Monika, we have not been contacted about any change of ownership. Thank you for using!

From Monika on 03/28/15

Did this business get a new Owner?

From Bryan on 10/26/14

Rude trail boss. Dangerous, ill kept horses, my sons horse actually laid down on my kids leg. The guide couldn't have cared less about my son or the horse.

From Heather on 03/22/14

I read a lot of reviews on this place before I decided to take my daughter here for her birthday. Reviews were about 50/50, it seemed, mostly about how the guide was rude. My husband and I took our 2 daughters here today and it was a great time! My opinion is- give it a chance!!

From Kate S on 03/19/14

Great place! Hope I go again this weekend!

From Kate S on 03/19/14

Going there today. Hope it is fun! Riding from 11 to 1!

From Jordan Z on 09/04/13

Maybe they should hire a trainer

From Lacey on 09/03/13

Horrible customer service. The horses are not in good shape. A couple of the horses kept biting and kicking each other. The owner is careless and derogatory. $25 is not worth getting yourself injured, especially if the owner doesn’t give you proper instructions on how to handle the horses.

From teresa on 03/25/13

horses are not in good shape

From Jackie on 02/18/13

This place was Great! Went to oklahoma to visit and found this place. Great staff very helpful, and some of the best horses and trails I've ever been on! I will go every time im in oklahoma!

From Bob on 10/21/12

Worst place ever. The owner was extremely rude and not helpful and I had never been on a horse before. And the worse part is the horse bit my friend and he didn't care or do anything about it! NEVER go here. NEVER

From Dalena Fulford and Family on 07/13/12

We all had a GREAT time!!! So much fun the horses were amazing and the trails were so fun!! The staff was super nice and explained all there was to know about horses to us!! Thank you for making our birthday party fun!!!

From kelley ayers on 03/17/12

Myself and two of my children went riding today. My son a little nervous, first time to ride ever. The man who checked us in rode with us and took my son's horse's reins and led him the whole way when my son was about to cry which helped a lot. the staff very polite and friendly. Never felt uncomfortable about anything the whole time. They were surely a witness for Christ as they had Christian phamplets at the desk. Will certainly be back to ride another time or fifty!!! Was cheaper for the three of us to ride for two hours than for one hour at the other place close that we have been riding at previously. Just be sure to use the bathroom before you go. No facilities there!!!!

From Tom on 03/01/12

To the Kabaritis... Its not the business fault that your kid misbehaved and your wife couldnt go either. They book a certain number of horses FOR YOU to ride. Horses that they cannot give to anyone else for that period. They should get paid for that.

From hani kabariti on 01/29/12

very bad experince . went there to enjoy ridding horses with my wife and 2 kids. not the case, you have to pay $90 before ridding cash only be wear my wife couldnt get on the horse because my little kept crying, so she told the guy that she's not going, well guess what? you would thing he would give her her money back, no way pal no refund. $50 for her and my little one to set on the horse for 15 sec. then give me a card for the next time if we wanna come & ride. now tell me why would I wanna do that. I went on the ride for 2 hrs which is nice. but all the way they were using bad language, Really!!!!! I paid $90 for this. you know when I read the review by that lady Melissa I thought to myself, may be its not true.its true & i will never go again. SHAME ON THEM

From kabariti on 01/29/12

bad experince. charged us $50 for my wife & my kid. they sat on the horse for 15sec. my son start crying & the got off the horse & wont give her her mony back

From Margaret Wenger on 09/23/11

Been there many times. Great trails, good horses, knowledgable trail guides. I love it.

From micccayla on 06/26/11

me and my family had a blast it made my vacation wounderful

From melissa farley on 04/08/11

worst time ever was sexually harassed and was asked my marital status right off the bat. there was nothing done about it. The stable hand was rude and was talking crudely about other clients that regularly ride. I wouldn't recommend this place of business to anyone

From Kate and Hope on 03/20/11

We had a blast...great weather...good horses and the staff real friendly thanks for ending our Spring Break with a good time !

From roger on 02/22/11

here is the place me and stefani want to go

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