Turner Falls Park

Turner Falls Park Hwy 77 S
Davis, OK 73030

Phone: 580-369-2988
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Turner Falls is one of Oklahoma's tallest waterfalls, dropping 77 feet into a natural swimming pool. Located on Honey Creek in the Arbuckle Mountains near Davis, Turner Falls Park draws thousands of visitors each year who enjoy swimming, hiking and camping. Please note, no pets are allowed in the park.

Located in the Arbuckle Mountains, which are among the oldest mountains on earth, Turner Falls Park has been described as one of the three geological windows into our past, along with the Grand Canyon and the Black Hills of South Dakota.  These ancient mountains have been exposed ...

Turner Falls is one of Oklahoma's tallest waterfalls, dropping 77 feet into a natural swimming pool. Located on Honey Creek in the Arbuckle Mountains near Davis, Turner Falls Park draws thousands of visitors each year who enjoy swimming, hiking and camping. Please note, no pets are allowed in the park.

Located in the Arbuckle Mountains, which are among the oldest mountains on earth, Turner Falls Park has been described as one of the three geological windows into our past, along with the Grand Canyon and the Black Hills of South Dakota.  These ancient mountains have been exposed to the elements and eroding longer than younger ranges, so they aren't the tallest mountains, but they are a beautiful backdrop for an outdoor adventure.

The highlight of Turner Falls Park is the clear water that flows throughout the park creating rippling creeks and natural swimming pools perfect for keeping visitors cool on hot summer days.  And the crown jewel of the park's watery playground is the 77-foot picturesque waterfall.  Visitors to Turner Falls Park will also enjoy hiking along the nature trails and exploring the park's three caves.  Campers will find RV and tent campground areas as well as privately owned rental cabins in the park.

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Summer - May 1 - September 30

Adults 13 years old & up - $12

Children 6-12 years old - $6

Children 5 years old and under - No charge

Seniors 55 years old and up - $6

Active Military with ID - $6

Winter - October 1 - April 30

Adults and children 6 years old and up $6

Children 5 years old and under No charge

Seniors 55 years old and up - $3

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the pricing listed above, prices are subject to change without notice.

From I-35 S, Exit 47, then S on Hwy 77 for 1 mile. From I-35 N, Exit 51, then N on Hwy 77 for 3.5 miles.

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From lupita on 07/02/15

Hi,can u tell me about the waterfalls ?the water still high??

From brenda on 07/01/15

Such a beautiful place to camp! Will yall be open the weekend of 4th of july??, is it necessary to reserve for campsite area?

From TravelOK.com Staff on 06/03/15

JD, we believe that trout fishing may be allowed during certain months, but your best be it to call and check with the park staff at 580-369-2988. Thank you for using TravelOK.com!

From JD on 06/02/15

Beautiful pictures. Is fishing alowed, and if so, are there trout and smallmouth bass?

From TravelOK.com Staff on 05/06/15

Jesse, your best bet would be to call and check with the park staff at 580-369-2988. As soon as the park reopens, we'll remove the closure notice from this page. Thank you for using TravelOK.com!

From Jesse on 05/06/15

How long do you anticipate the park to be closed due to high water level?

From TravelOK.com Staff on 05/04/15

Ricardo, Turner Falls Park offers cabins at $150 per night for four people maximum. This includes the park admission.The cabins have an open floor plan with two full-size beds, a small dorm-size fridge, stove top with two burners (no oven), microwave, coffee pot, table with four chairs, ac/heater combination and one bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower. Please note - linens are furnished for the beds only. You'll need to bring all kitchen and bathroom supplies. If you have any questions, please call 580-369-2988. Thank you for using TravelOK.com!

From Ricardo segura on 05/02/15

I just wanted to know the rates for the cabins

From TravelOK.com Staff on 04/30/15

Nicole, the rates for tent camping are $12.50 plus park admission per person, per day, and the rates for RV sites are $25 plus park admission per person, per day. Campsites at Turner Falls Park are given on a first come, first serve basis only. Unfortunately their website doesn't specify if you can put a tent on an RV site, but the staff will be able to answer any questions you may have. Please give them a call at 580-369-2988. Best wishes and thank you for using TravelOK.com!

From nicole on 04/29/15

I am just wondering how much rv sites are a night and how much tent sites are and if you can put a tent on an rv site? also do you take any reservations as we would be driving over 4 hours for a weekend trip

From TravelOK.com Staff on 04/26/15

Sara, campsites at Turner Falls Park are given on a first come, first serve basis. The rates for tent camping are $12.50 plus park admission per person, per day. Thank you for using TravelOK.com!

From Sara on 04/24/15

How much is a campsite? And can you reserve it before hand?

From TravelOK.com Staff on 04/01/15

Diego, the RV campsites come with water and electric hookups. For more information, please click the orange website button at the top of this page. Best wishes and thank you for using TravelOK.com!

From DIEGO O JIMENEZ on 03/31/15

quiero saber si tienen parking lot para una rv con todos los servicios adentro del parque de turner falls gracias

From Katy on 02/09/15

Even thought our cats will not be allowed on this trip, we are very excited to plan our next vacation to Turner Falls! The site is absolutely gorgeous in pictures, & we cannot wait to see this breathtaking waterfall in person!

From Sondra Crowell on 01/07/15

Because of the no dog law I or my family or friends will never visit this park.

From Lindsay on 01/07/15

I am glad that dogs are not allowed at Turner Falls. Not only do I not want to swim with dogs all around me, but I also don't want to be woken up at night by their inevitable barking. Say what you will about your well behaved dogs, but not everyone enjoys being around them. And not everyone is a responsible pet owner who cleans up after their pets. There are plenty of other places to take your dogs, keep them out of here so we can maintain the beauty of Turner Falls.

From Julie on 01/07/15

Turner Falls looks like a beautiful place to go, and I have heard good things about it. However, as long as the no dog policy is in place, I will never visit - as my well behaved dogs enjoy camping as much as my husband and I do.

From Ruby McFarland on 11/07/14

As a single mother I always take our family dog with us to places such as this, or when ever we travel / camp, not only because he is part of the family, but also for our own personal protection and peace of mind. Greenleaf State Park near Muskogee is a beautiful park with wonderful grounds and cabins that is totally pet friendly so that is where we go. Turner Falls sounds like a nice place but if they are going to be pet-snobs, I won't spend my time or money there. Go to Greenleaf, my little boys, our dog and I had a wonderful week there in a very well stocked cabin back in August!

From Kay on 10/25/14

Very Happy NO pets are allowed inside Park. For once was wonderful not to have to listen to other peoples pets bark, howl, or watch out where we walk

From Nick Mathis on 10/22/14

I went to turner falls when i was 13 or 14, and it was the best time I've had this far north in the U.S., I live in Dallas, TX ....not far Can't wait to go back

From Alex on 08/20/14

Our family enjoyed the all the activities we did at the park. But, unfortunately we couldn't bring our pet into the park. She it very special to us we felt horrible when we couldn't bring her. I hope one day the park will think about letting pets in.

From Jessica on 08/18/14

My family loves this park. Many nice swimming spots and beautiful natural scenery. Kids loved the water fall and swimming. Unfortunately dogs are not allowed, our dog is part of the family and loves to camp with us, so we have to enjoy camping and swimming at other OK parks that are pet friendly. I hope that turner falls reconsiders the rule on pets in future so my family and many others can enjoy the park with the entire family including dogs.

From Ann WIlliams on 08/18/14

sad to har that we can not come with our ting French Bulldog.. So we will have to forgo our trip over there . sad times for us .

From TravelOK.com Staff on 08/06/14

Dala, we're glad you had a great time! To get the latest information on upcoming events in Oklahoma, we suggest our Festivals & Events eNewsletter, which you can subscribe to at www.travelok.com/email_signup. We hope you'll get the chance to visit again soon! Best wishes and thank you for using TravelOK.com!

From Dala Meligan on 08/06/14

I want to go back. Beautiful place to stay. Send me updates or upcoming events.

From Marivel Pinto on 07/30/14

Best discovery this Summer for our family! So much to do in such a natural family friendly environment. The mornings are the best time Holidays are, Seriously way too crowded. Been there 4 times since June, planning our first Overnight Tent stay now. If you love water and hiking this place is perfect. Our kids 13,9,7 totally enjoy themselves. Tip, to truly take it all in start at the Viewing landing scenic turnout at the top, Just breathtaking! Oh and water shoes are a Must have, moms!

From Libby N. on 07/16/14

This is a wonderful place! We went twice last year and are going again next Thursday. The staff was friendly and helpful. Knowledgeable of the park and sites of interest. We even heard of a place in the park by a local, and asked the staff about it. They asked a few other employees and knew exactly where we were talking about!! I have 3 children, 2,6 and 11 and they all had a good time. I do suggest you get a pair of water shoes, as the rocks are slippery though. Super Fun! 1 week till Vacation!!

From Jenny on 07/12/14

While there we experienced horrible treatment by the staff. The employees were very inconsiderate and rude. One of the driver employees cursed at me while the children were in the car. You should not curse at a PAYING customer while children were in the car AND driving a shuttle full of children behind you.

From The Armstrong Homeschoolers on 06/23/14

I absolutely love the natural beauty of this place, and we have visited the park on numerous occasions throughout the years. Even though we love the place, I do not recommend renting in the nearby town of Sulphur. My husband and I rented a small two bedroom house in nearby Sulphur for the fourth of July weekend. The agreement was that we leave the full amount of rental fees for the weekend on the table before we left. We thought it was kind of cool to come across an 'honor system' of pay, and were even more excited about our upcoming vacation. When we got there, we used the bathroom, and it completely overflowed! Things happen, so it's no problem, we called for it to be fixed before we headed out to the park. The managing individual that showed up to fix the toilet, got everything fixed, then told us we had to pay up front, which we were all right with also, and we did so. Even though we were a bit perplexed by his rough mannerism. When he took the money from us, and as he was heading out the door, he told us that he asked for the money up front because we didn't pay for our rental a previous time we were there. This was our very first time to rent at Sulphur, and because of that incident, it was the last time as well. This was about 10 years ago. Who knows, maybe it's changed, but we are not interested in finding out. I always try to be optimistic of every circumstance, but my husband and I were very offended with that incident. Had it not been a long planned family weekend vacation for us and our young children, we would have left right then. As far as the park is concerned, we have visited on several occasions since then, but only on day trips, and camping trips. My kids loved sliding down the rocks, and into each small waterhole the streams naturally make coming from the main waterfall. It has great trails, and areas to explore. We think it's definitely a great park to visit, and who knows... maybe Sulphur rentals are different now.

From Shirley on 03/21/14

When I was 15 years old, my family and I visited Turner Falls I still have the photo taken of my sister and I! My mother bought us some binoculars and native american dolls, which I have one of the dolls! I also found out my great- great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee, and my great grandmother was half- Cherokee, and half- French, I'm 56 years old now, and that will always be a beautiful memory for me, since then my sister, and my mother and father have passed away! I always treasure my photo I have! I intend to visit Turner Falls again sometime soon! Thank you for letting me make my comment! Shirley

From TravelOK.com Staff on 02/18/14

Raena, thank you for your question. However we encourage you to contact Turner Falls Park directly at davistfp@wildblue.net or 580-369-2988 to voice your concerns. The park is operated by the City of Davis. Best wishes and thank you for using TravelOK.com!

From Raena on 02/15/14

There were 4 comments made about broken glass in the park. Has this been resolved. I am looking for a park to bring my toddlers to. Thanks.

From TravelOK.com Staff on 02/07/14

Morris and Shelley, Turner Falls Park does not offer any cabin rentals, however there are a number of privately owned cabins that you can rent. To see what's nearby, click on 'Lodging within 5 miles' under the map feature on this page. Have a great day and thank you for using TravelOK.com!

From morris or shelley oliver on 02/07/14

I used to go as a child and want to bring my husband . Does Turner Falls now offer cabin rental?

From TravelOK.com Staff on 10/14/13

Zac, only federally-funded areas have been affected by the government shutdown. Luckily, Turner Falls Park is owned by the City of Davis, so everything is open as usual. However, the Chickasaw National Recreation Area is closed. If you have any questions, please call 580-369-2988. Have a great day and thank you for using TravelOK.com!

From Zac on 10/13/13

Is Turner Falls open during the government shutdown?

From Cosmo on 08/25/13

This place was trashed. No exaggeration, the trashiest park I have ever been to. First of all, allowing glass bottles? Really? Even if they are not allowed in the water, give people an inch....Absurd. I saw multiple people swimming with glass bottles and that explains the BROKEN GLASS everywhere in the water, on the hiking trails, in the woods, in the caves. Not to mention other cans, chip bags, food waste everyone. A flipping tragedy to treat a natural landmark like this. Oh yes, and the toilets were abysmal as well. And at $12 a person, yes, a person, the price is a rip-off for how it is managed. Tell you what, go to Chickasaw recreational area nearby, cleaner and nice swimming, and FREE, and treat yourself to a pizza afterwards. Avoid this dump that the City of Davis is squandering as their cash cow. They need attendance limits and many other management improvements before I set foot in there again.

From ayarin on 03/15/13

tuner fall was verry fun last time i went hope to go again some other time

From TravelOK.com Staff on 10/01/12

Matt, tent and RV campsites at Turner Falls Park are given on a first come, first serve basis. The rates for tent camping are $12.50 plus park admission per person, per day. You can see park admission rates by clicking the pricing tab above. Best wishes and thank you for using TravelOK.com!

From matt on 10/01/12

Is the pricing listed on this page for the Tent camping sites? Is there any way to reserve spots?

From TravelOK.com Staff on 08/06/12

Sharlene, Turner Falls Park does not operate any cabins, only RV and tent campgrounds. There are a number of private cabin rentals available in and around the park, which you can find by typing 'Turner Falls Park' in the search bar and clicking on 'Places to Stay.' Enjoy your visit to Turner Falls and thank you for using TravelOK.com!

From sharlene cummins on 08/03/12

yes could you give us a price on the cabins?

From kelly on 06/04/12

I would like to know what kind of fish are at Turner falls, I was down at the falls and something with sharp might I add lots of teeth bit me, felt like it shocked me anyone familiar with what's in the water there or what it could be please let me know.

From lauren on 05/24/12

i love Turner falls i grew up going there as a kid. i am looking forward to making a trip there hopefully soon !

From American veteran on 03/16/12

STAY AWAY. Terrible upkeep. Rude management. The only thing they are good at is taking pictures. Wasn't happy after 10 min and management pretty much tried to belittle me. And laughed after learning I am an Iraq veteran who took a bullet for this country. I'm guessing they are anti troops. Dont give them your money!

From Ron Cope on 11/26/11

We own a cabin inside of Turner Falls Park. Visit us at turnerfallspark.net or turnerfalls.net and see what we have to offer. Granite countertops,beatiful views,large deck,wood floors,hd tv call us at 817-819-9620

From DE on 11/06/11

Turner Fall is a magical place! Summer weekends can get really crowded, suggest summer weekdays, or fall through spring. If you have never been don't miss going, great for camping overnight also. We love Turner Falls Park!

From Jessica Hernandez on 05/24/11

Nice turner falls

From TravelOK.com Staff on 05/03/11

Tommy, for more details about camping in the park, please use the contact information above to speak with the officials at the park. Happy camping and thank you for using TravelOK.com.

From Tommy Dean Noah on 04/30/11

Facilities for rv camping at Turner Falls ? Can I pull my Airstream down into the park area & camp over night. I know about swiming & pick-nicking.

From heather on 03/21/11

besides the broken glass all over the camp grounds and a little bit of e off season trash We loved it. went in the off season there were not too many people. and my daughter cant wait to go back

From Jackie on 09/04/10

We went to enjoy with family and friends 8-15-10. We were appalled at the condition . The garbage everywhere ! in the water, trails and even inside the castle. So , disappointed in whomever is running this beautiful and unique enviroment. I believe the EPA needs to get involved . What can we do as tax payers and voters in Oklahoma to clean it up ? please help

From william snyder on 08/19/10

Very disapointed, the place was trashed. Beauitful waterfalls but there was dirty diapers everywhere. I was thinking about camping there, but there is no way i'll pay $36.00 to be around all that trash. I will never go there again that's a shame.

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